All City

attack: drake peterson, sean finegan, chad carrol, nick kereiakes, logan swinney

middies: jared bowman, jon saelinger, will edwards, noah gibbey

d-poles/lsm: grant hunter, rudy bublitz, matt bishop, kevin mcfarland, troy stehlin, mike miller

goalie: ryan osbourne, lucas (mariemont...forget how to spell his last name).

i probably forgot some, but that's probably going to be the list.
Ross Lockwood, Bublitz, Macfarland, Miller- D
Keriakes, Finnegan, Carroll- Attack
Bowman, Salenger- Middie
Krall, LW Goalies- Goalie
Is D Middie even a catagory in all city selections? I mean id think it would have to be cause D middies still play the game and if there good i think they should be recognized...i dont know though, just my take on the situation