Adjusted Spring Sports Timeline - Starting May 2nd

According to the OHSAA, they are NOT cancelling the spring sports seasons despite the recent extension to May 1st (THANK GOD). That said, does anyone have any ideas what the option are? Can they extend the season into the summer? Shortened season with only a handful of schools making the playoffs? Other options? Thanks!


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I saw timeline they released. Some sports would go into July.

If Schools go back May 4th, the Lacrosse season will start on May 9th. The Tournament will start on May 26th and end on June 13th. If for any reason specific sites are not open due to governors orders then All sites will be off limits and no Tournament will be held. This info is obviously subject to change and from the OHSAA.


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Not complaining because IF we get to play lax this year I’ll be thrilled but.... if we’re condensing the schedule do we really need 3 weeks for the tournament? I feel like they could knock it out in 2 weeks if necessary. D1 play Monday-Wednesday-Friday and D2 play Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday. I guess it’s irrelevant since they allow teams to schedule & play games after they’ve been eliminated all the way up until June 13.