2024 Fall Sports Divisions and Representation


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2024 Cross Country
Three divisions for girls and boys. No competitive balance.
Girls Division I – 160 schools, base enrollment 307 and more girls
Girls Division II – 160 schools, base enrollment 163 to 306 girls
Girls Division III – 159 schools, base enrollment 162 and fewer girls
Boys Division I – 189 schools, base enrollment 310 and more boys
Boys Division II – 190 schools, base enrollment 156 to 309 boys
Boys Division III – 189 schools, base enrollment 155 and fewer boys
If I counted correctly there are 15 D1 schools for both in NWO and about 3 for each sex more often than not can't get 5 to finish line at districts yet will still get 2 spots at state. With so few D1 teams in NWO is it time to recombine with the NE for regionals.
2 NW qualifiers / 20 total qualifiers = 10%
10% * 160 = 16

Seems pretty close to me.
Southwest CC Boys

D2- gained Versailles, West Liberty-Salem, Preble Shawnee, and Willmingon. Lost Greenville to D1

Gaining 3 teams: Will that change how many teams go to State in the D2 Troy Regional? Currently 4 move on.