2022 Home runs and hits leaders

Anthony Rizzo homers again. Hit #30 on season and career #280.

Aaron Judge went deep also. His 51st of the year and career #209.
JD Martinez homers for #11. Career #277.

Eugenio Surez whacks one out for #25 and career #218.

Nolan is still Rollin Arenaodo . Belts #28 and career #297.
Mookie Betts slams #33 and career #211.

Manny Machada clubs #26 and now has 277 homers.

Paul Goldschmidt goes deep for homer #34 and career #314.

Aaron Judge blasts #52 out of the oadk. Career #210.
Albert Pujol;s slams hus 16th homer of season and career #695. One more and he ties AROD. Now has 3,364 hits.

Aaron Judge smacks #53 half way to Mexico. 211 for career and has 115 rbi's.
Freddie Freeman homers for his 17th of year. Career #288.

Mike Trout drills #30 of yeat and career #340..

Aaron Judge stays hit! Powers #54 out and career 3212.
Was listening to a sports talk show over the weekend and the buzz for Aaron Judge going after the home run title seems very subdued. Do you feel the steriod issues of the past has really hurt the credibility of the game and these records? Otherwise, the next person has 36 homers on the season and only a handful have over 30 in both leagues. I almost seems like Judge is really an anomaly this season.
Paul Goldschmidt belts homer #35 and now has 315 for career.

Andrew McCutchen gets his 15th homer of year. Career #285.

Aaron Jidge drives out another one. Gives him 55 for the year and 213 for career.
Alber Pujols drills #17 out of the park. His homer #696 ties him for 4th place on all time list.

Freddie Freeman slms #19 on season and career #290.

Manny Machado crushes his 28th and career #279.

Andrew Mccutchen gets back at the Reds with his 16th of year and career #286.

Mike Trout homers in 6 straight games for his 34 of season and career #344.

Josh Donaldson cracks homer #13 and career #264.

Giancarlo Stanton drives out his 25th of year and career #372.
Eugenio Saurez hits #30 yesterday. and career #223.

Giancarlo Stanton crushes his 26th and career #373.

Albert Pujols does it again!! Belts #18 on season and career #698. Now with 3,368 hits.
Mookie Betts powers #34 out of the park. Career #212.

Mike Trout homer for 7 games in row. His 35th of season and career #345.
Freddie Freeman smacksd #20 on year and career #291.

Andrew McCutchen goes deep for his 17th and career 3287.

Aaro Judge hits 2 homers in win over Boston. His 56th and 57th of season. 215 career homers.
Nolan Arenado swats his 29th of year and is closing in on 300 homers. Now with 298.

Adam Wainwright gets win #11. Is now 11-9 this year and 195-114 for career.

Eugenio Suarez blasts his 31st of year and career #224
Albert Pujols gets closer to 700 HR. Drills #698 yesterday. 19 on season.

Josh Donaldson pops one out his 14th and career #265.

Mike Trout hammers his 36th of year and career #346,
Yadierr Molina now with 2,167 hits.

Anthony Rizzo homers for #31 on season. And Career #282

Aaron Judge comes closer to 60 HR's. Smacked 2 out vs.. the Brewers . #58 and 59. 217 career homers. Went 4 for 5 with 3 runs scored and 4 rbi's. Now with 127 rbi's on season.
Aaron Judge clubs #60!!! Now with 218 for career.

Giancarlo Stanton hits walk off grand slam vs. Pittsburgh.#27 and career #374

JD Martinez got #12 last night. Career #278
Albert Pujols joins the 700 club!! He swatted two homersw yesterday. Hisw 20th and 21st of the season. Career homers #699 and 700. Congrats to him!!.
Nolan Arenado slams #30 yesterday and c areer #299. Now has 100 rib's on season

anthony Rizzo slugs his 32nd of year and career #283.
Mike Trout strokes his 38th of year. Career #348.

Miguel Cabrera slams #5 on season. Career #507.

Aaron Judge blasts #61!! And career #219. Now has 130 rbi's.
Evan Longoria strokes a long one. His 14th of year and caeer #331.

Albert Pujols continues his great career with his 22nd homer of year. Career #701 and has 3,379 hits.
Mike Trout clobbers his 39th of year. And career # 349.

Albert Pujols drills his 23rd of year,\. Career #702

Miguel Cabrera now with 3,086 hits.
Giancarlo Stanton blasts his 30th of year and career #377.

Albert Pujols loves Pittsburgh pitching. Went deep for his 24th of year and areer # 703!
Freddie Freeman bangs his 21st of year. Career #292.

Clay Kershaw gts win to go 12-3 on season. Career record is 197-87.

JD Martinez goes out in style with 2 home runs His 15th anf 16th of year. Now with 282 homers.

Mike Trout clubs his 40th of year and career 350. Playd just 117games.