2022 Football Schedule Opponents


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I don't know if the X football series with Colerain has been put to bed permanently (if not, I suspect it soon will be-- and probably should be, considering the decline that Colerain's program is experiencing). It's not really feasible that X will be able to schedule two GMC opponents in the same year, any more, anyway, with the GMC going to 9 league games-- and it seems likely (even clear) that X will now continue to play Lakota West (with Bolden there) rather than Colerain...

So X is going to be in search of good local teams that can (and WILL) play X regularly-- which brings me to Winton Woods-- X played WW in a playoff years ago (when WW was still in Division I), and WW has played ALL of the other GCL schools (except X) in regular season games within the last decade (one year, I think WW played LaSalle, Elder, and Moeller in the same season-- and BEAT all of them, bringing up claims from WW fans of a "GCL Championship")... WW has been willing to play anyone, anywhere-- so, this feels like a game that makes eminent sense for both teams-- and would give X another regular season game against a nearby team full of the kind of highly athletic players that it might see in playoff games against LW, Springfield, HH Wayne, Pick Central, etc.

This latest title by WW is going to encourage a lot of kids to consider moving into the WW district-- WW just built new middle school and high school buildings (so the facilities are new, even if economy-grade) and homebuilders are now (for the first time in a LONG time) building new homes in the WW District-- so the WW district's enrollment is likely to start rising again, after decades of decline. I could even see WW ascending/remaining above Princeton in football (making the former WW coach have some regrets about making the move-- although I'm SURE he got PAID substantially more to make that move-- Princeton has FAR more money than WW does). I don't see Princeton ever moving past LW while Bolden is there, while WW could easily become the "big dog" in their conference, at the expense of Anderson and Kings-- so players that "just want to play for a winner" might find WW to be a preferred option over Princeton.

In short, WW could be the next best public school team in SW Ohio, after LW, for the next decade or more-- and if WW is willing to play X, that is a game that makes so much sense for BOTH teams (since it gives WW a chance to see game action against equal or better talent than they might face in Hoban, LaSalle, or Massillon-- something WW is NOT going to get facing Anderson, Kings, or Harrison).
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StX 2022 Projected Schedule
Week 1 at Lakota West
Week 2 Open
Week 3 Powell Olentangy at StX
Week 4 Penn (Mishawaka IN) at StX
Week 5 Moeller at StX
Week 6 at Elder
Week 7 at Louisville Trinity
Week 8 at LaSalle
Week 9 St. Ignatius at StX
Week 10 Open

In 2021 Week 2 was Colerain and Week 10 ELCA from Georgia
Winton Woods played LaSalle in Week 2 and Loveland in Week 10
WW only has week 1 available for a non-conference game, since weeks 2-10 are ECC league opponents.
So no chance to play WW
Week 10 is rumored to be an out of state team coming to Ballaban so X will finish the season with 2 home games.
The only long distance travel game is to Louisville Trinity in Week 7.
No trips to Cleveland or Mishawaka (yay!)
L Hand said in another thread that our Bombers will play Louisville St. X next year too. I was talking about St. X's schedule next year in that thread.
L Hand said in another thread that our Bombers will play Louisville St. X next year too. I was talking about St. X's schedule next year in that thread.
I don't have that as an absolute. Thought I talked to someone that said they were back on - but I would trust Reload on this one.
I don't have that as an absolute. Thought I talked to someone that said they were back on - but I would trust Reload on this one.
I was told Specht wanted the series with LSX to continue but they wanted out.
The series had a solid 10 year run.
LSX Head Coach Kevin Wallace was hired in 2018 from the outside
His career record as a Kentucky high school head football coach is 336-115.
He ranks 7th in career KHSAA wins.

LSX results 2014-2017 before he arrived....
2014 8-5 (lost to Trinity once and the Bombers)
2015 7-5 (lost to Trinity twice and the Bombers)
2016 10-4 (lost to Trinity twice and the Bombers)
2017 12-3 (lost to Trinity twice and the Bombers)
See a trend here.

So hired Coach Wallace, one of the most winningest active coaches in the state
Last 4 years

2018 9-4 beat Trinity once and lost to the Bombers
2019 8-5 lost to Trinity, lost to the Bombers
Covid shortened season gave him opportunity to drop Bombers from schedule
2020 7-3 lost to Trinity twice
2021 14-1 beat Trinity twice and finished as 6A State Champs, first state title since 2009

I don't expect Coach Wallace will be picking up the phone anytime soon to renew the series, especially if he wants to climb the ladder of most wins in Kentucky.

Louisville St. Xavier (Bombers leads series 10-2)
1971 X won 36-27 Week 2
2009 X won 24-7 Week 3 at Louisville St. X
2010 X won 32-13 Week 3 at Ballaban Field
2011 X lost 7-3 Week 10 at Louisville St. X
2012 X won 23-9 Week 10 at Ballaban Field
2013 X lost 24-16 Week 10 at Louisville St. X
2014 X won 24-6 Week 10 at Ballaban Field
2015 X won 20-10 Week 10 at Louisville St. X
2016 X won 28-3 Week 10 at Ballaban Field
2017 X won 16-14 Week 10 at Louisville St. X
2018 X won 34-7 Week 10 at Ballaban Field
2019 X won 35-30 Week 10 at Louisville St. X

Any updates on a finalized schedule?
StX 2022 Projected Schedule
Friday August 19 7pm at Lakota West
Sunday August 28 1pm at Loyola Academy (Chicago IL)
Friday September 2 7pm Powell Olentangy at StX
Friday September 9 7pm Penn (Mishawka IN) at StX
Friday September 16 7pm Moeller at StX
Friday September 23 7pm at Elder
Friday September 30 7pm at Louisville Trinity
Friday October 7 7pm at LaSalle
Saturday October 15 2pm St. Ignatius at StX
Friday October 21 7pm Team from the state of Virginia at StX

Weeks 1 through 9 confirmed.
Week 10: The best team in Virginia appears to be the Oscar Smith Tigers in Chesapeake.
They have won the big school (6A) state title the past 2 years
They played St. John Bosco (CA) last season and got curb stomped 49-0, but shows they're willing to play anyone.
This would be my guess for Week 10