2021 Samuel Houseworth’s OHSAA High School Football Rankings – 9-3-21


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"Dublin Coffman was expected to be one of the top teams in the Columbus area this season"

It's one thing to have a computer model that makes questionable decisions, these models are very hard to build. But when a human being says this, you are just broadcasting to the world that you don't actually follow football at all.

And despite how flawed both the model and the human running it are, it STILL does a better job of assessing teams than the Harbins do.


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I believe, just like @radiodaveagain, Sam Houseworth lives in Illinois. So he doesn't know his tail from a fistful of sand when it comes to Ohio football.


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He has new Phila projected at 6.5-3.5

.. if this team manages to only lose 3 games with our schedule Id be shocked.. not sure if this guy actually sees any Ohio Hs football games