2021 Ohio Mr Football : McCaughey & Kellom Convo w/stats

Time to start the convo...
St. X has McCaughey and Kellom that have to be contenders at this point.

Brogan McCaughey, QB, St. Xavier
2021 Games started - 6
Total on field - 4 full games(16 qtrs)
Team Record 6-0
Passing attempts- 108
Total yards - 1241
Comp rate - 71%
Total TDs - 18
INTs - 0
Team Rank - #1 in OH & Top Ten in USA
Total games officially played- 16 games
Total time on field - 12 full games(48 qtrs)
Team Record: 16 - 2
Pass attempts- 427
Comp rate - 70%
Total yds - 4015
Total TDs - 47
INTs- 11
*State Championships - 1

C Kellom, RB, St X
2021 - 6 games started
Total time on field - 4 (16 qtrs)
Rush attempts- 108
Rush yards - 580
Total yds - 717
TDs - 13
Fumbles- 3

Total games - 15
Rush attempts- 273
Rush Yards- 1435
Total yards - 1822
TDs - 27
Fumbles - 4
*State Championships- 1
Unfortunately this is where X's dominance works against them. While quarter-wise BMc is averaging over 300 yards per game and has an absurd TD to INT ratio, most outsiders aren't going to dig that deep. It also hurts both that the offense is balanced, so neither gets the really gaudy stats that being in a one dimensional offense brings, like Allar at Medina, or Kiner last year.

There is probably only one more game in the regular season that the first team offense plays all 4 quarters (Ignatius). However, if either has a monster playoff run, they could be right there, especially if they have a truly special game if they reach the championship game.
The same pollsters that we make fun of for lack of true knowledge vote for these, and the reality is long playoff run equates to exposure and name recognition correlates to votes. Same happens with all-state voting. 2016's run resulted in 1st team for Brady Stoll and 3rd for Carl Grimm, last year the likes of Matt Devine and Gio on D, with Brogan and off course LIam C on offense and Liam as player of year. All deservedly so. But if either team had bowed out in the playoffs early then those selections unfortunately wouldn't have been made.
I would imagine the kid from Medina is the heavy favorite and I think it’s probably a foregone conclusion. He’s putting up gaudy numbers playing full games while brogan gets pulled after halftime
I don't think any of the StX kids even have Mr. Football on their radar. This team is hyper focused on one thing and that is winning the State Championship as a team. Specht also is not the type of coach that is going to try and promote his players for something like this.