2019 state tourney match ups


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Should be same as 2016 which was:
N1 vs. S2
W1 vs. E2
S1 vs. N2
E1 vs. W2

With Semifinal matchups being:
N1/S2 vs. W1/E2
S1/N2 vs. W2/E1


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Confirmed - https://www.ohioboysvolleyball.com/index.php/state-tournament1

Saturday, 6/1:
10:00am - D1 Quarterfinal - W1 vs. E2
11:45am - D1 Quarterfinal - E1 vs. W2
1:30pm - D1 Quarterfinal - N1 vs. S2
3:15pm - D1 Quarterfinal - S1 vs. N2
5:00pm - D2 Semifinal - South vs. North
6:45pm - D2 Semifinal - West vs. East

Sunday, 6/2:
10:00am - D1 Semifinal - E1/W2 vs. S1/N2
12:00pm - D1 Semifinal - N1/S2 vs. W1/E2
2:00pm - D2 State Championship - E/W vs. N/S
3:00pm - Awards
4:00pm - D1 State Championship - E1/W2/S1/N2 vs. N1/S2/W1/E2


Using the ranking, states would look like this:

Saturday, 6/1:
10:00am - D1 Quarterfinal - Beavercreek vs. Mount Vernon
11:45am - D1 Quarterfinal - Darby vs. Lakota East
1:30pm - D1 Quarterfinal - St. Ignatius vs. Moeller
3:15pm - D1 Quarterfinal - St. X vs. Jackson

Looking at past results, an all East and South semi final would be likely. But there will be a battle in the regionals for E2 and S2.
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East and Beavercreek play tomorrow in a Tri-Match that could swap their spots in the West. All other seeds will likely finish as you have above, but the E2 could get mixed up and possibly the S1 spot could differ pending Elder's decision.


Time to reconfigure the regions maybe?
North, West and South have 8, 10 and 12 teams competing for 2 state berths each.
East has 19 teams for two berths.