2017 OHSVBA Season


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With the season about to start, let's get a new thread going for the current season.

Let's talk Moeller - with many varsity starters returning, including Chas Cook (MB, Attack 18-1, USA HP A1, many d1 looks) and JP White (L, no club tea, USA HP A2, A1 alternate), the crusaders should be on point for another great year.

What do you all think?
What does the bracket look like for state this year?
Last year it was:
N1 vs. S2
W1 vs. E2

E1 vs. W2
S1 vs. N2
-This was the same as the setup from 2013, so this year it should be the same as 2014 which was:

S1 vs. W2
E1 vs. N2

N1 vs. E2
W1 vs. S2
So, based on yello's prediction:

Moe vs. Northmont
Darby vs. Eds

Iggy vs. Westerville South
Beavercreek vs. Elder