2015-16 season

Many impressive swims yesterday in Ned Reeb. StX dominated the team race as expected. St Charles made a case for being possibly number 2 team this year. Their 200 Free Relay very fast. Individually Ward for SC looks like a title contender in the 50 & 100. Matthews from Pick North had a good meet. Number of strong swims from freshmen. On girls side CSG may challenge Hawken for title. UA still tops in the Central District but may have difficulty repeating at the state meet.
Ned Reeb seemed a bit slower top to bottom this year. I didn't count but seemed like more underclassmen in the top heats than in the past. Maybe that goes hand in hand with a slower meet. Highlights I would say on the boys side were St. Charles breaking the 200 free relay record and X's House cruising to an easy victory in the 500 in record time. Neither event was close.
Too bad UA was not healthy for the Ned Reeb or the team finish would have been different. The Bears will have all their swimmers healthy by the end of the season. That will result in UA reclaiming the Central District title and their return to the top Central District finisher at the state meet. Although its been a difficult and disappointing start to the season, the injury plagued Bears have performed admirably. They have the deepest team in the area...especially in the 500. SC knows it too, why else would they have ducked UA by not scheduling the annual dual meet? Watch out for the Bears!!!
I have to give it to you rjones you never give up. You're like a broken record. Yes, its true that UA has some injuries and they will be a stronger team when Hamilton & Neri return, but not to the point of knocking off SC. This looks like SC's year. The top of their team is very fast. It looks like they will contend in every relay at the state meet. The 200 Free Relay will likely win with the possibility of a state record. The time they put up at the Ned Reeb would have won the state some years. You have to figure that relay will go faster at the end of the year. Similarly Ward's performance makes him a threat to win the 50 & possibly the 100. Beam will contend in the IM & Back. The top of this team is as fast as the top of the 08 team. The difference is the fall off from the top. That could make a difference in a dual meet and even district if UA had the depth, but other than the 500 & possibly 200 UA does not measure up to the top of SC's team. UA has no one other than Fischer in the 50, no one in the 100, no one in the Fly and no depth in the Back. As of now, it looks like Beam is faster than Reardon in their events. Next year is possibly the year for UA to dethrone SC in the district. This year, no chance! At the state meet UA should finish top 8, but they will not challenge SC who look like they will be in the battle for runner up.

We should get a preview this week end as it looks like Moeller (another contender) & SC will square off at the Big 8. StF based on their Ned Reeb performance looks down this year. Don't know if there's anyone in the Northeast who can compete for second.
Hey aquacard, I don't see St. Charles on the list of teams in the Big 8, what happened? Did SC back out or did the meet organizers recognize that SC is not one of the top teams this year. Note the Bears are there as they are most every year!!!
I don't know why SC was not at the Big 8. It was originally on their schedule. Anyway it's too bad they weren't there as they would likely have finished a strong second. Just plugging in their Ned Reeb times seems to suggest that. At least they would have made the relays more competitive. Did see that Neri swam and posted some very good times. Still at this point SC is my pick for runner up in the state. I was surprised that Moeller wasn't faster.
aquacard, I wouldn't be so fast in declaring SC as the favorite for the runner up in the state meet. You might want to look at Brecksville-Broadview Heights' times from the Viking Invite. 400 Free Relay: 3:03.40, that's within a half second of X's state record. Assuming that is an in season time that's pretty quick. They look to have some other potential state scorers as well.
Did see that Neri swam and posted some very good times.

That's just the beginning. When he, Kibbe and Hamilton are at full speed watch out for the Bears! Christmas practice has begun which will build for the year end taper. Look for the Bears to challenge for the number 2 spot in the state meet!
On the girls side do u think Fremont Ross can be in the top 5 at state? They did well at the Reed with a3rd.
I have to give it to you rjones you never give up. You're like a broken record
. The 200 Free Relay will likely win with the possibility of a state record. The time they put up at the Ned Reeb would have won the state some years. You have to figure that relay will go faster at the end of the year. Similarly Ward's performance makes him a threat to win the 50 & possibly the 100.

Hello fellas, have not even looked at yappi for a few years, but with the exciting meets coming up, I thought I'd look. To my surprise, we still see our favorite bear unwavering in his support (I know you). I am excited to see what this SC 200 FR can do, when was the last time, if ever, that we have a central district team capable of a 1:23. I think all four of these guys can go under 21, the only concern is a false start. How fast can Ward go? 20.2/44.5? Geoff has a great group this year. Good luck to all, always fun to watch.
Nice to hear from you preeder. 200 relay should be a great race at the state meet. SC, X and Brecksville may all go 1:23. I agree that SC's 4 should all be under 21. However, I doubt Geoff will stack the relay for districts. Their fast enough that he can get some more guys to state. State looks to be very fast. Expect SC & Brecksville to battle for second. X is in a league of its own. This may be the best X team ever! They will win states by 70 to 80 points. And SC's team is no slouch. Their not quite as deep as the 08 team but they are faster at the top of the team. That said they will have their hands full against Brecksville. They beat them at the Northeast Classic but that was because Brecksville's medley was DQed. Looking forward to the battle. And despite rjones hopes, the district will not be close. UA second by close to 100.
You are dreaming aquacard if you think that St. Charles will beat UA by close to 100 at district. What fantasy land do you live in? And you are crazy leaving the Bears out of the list of contenders for runner up at the state meet. The ONLY thing you got right is that St. Xavier will win the state. Now that the Bears are healthy look out!!! de Bear has warned all you non believers "I think we might have the strongest team we've had since 2013, when we were second in the state." Read about a now healthy UA at http://www.thisweeknews.com/content...on-roundup-spielman-seeing-whole-picture.html No wonder St. Charles ducked them in the dual meet season! By the way even with most of their top guns hobbled they still went unbeaten! SC should have got their licks in when the Bears were injured!!! Prediction: Central District: 1. UA, 2. SC; State: 1. X, 2. UA. Go Bears!
I don't think de Bear was predicting a runner up finish. If UA has a good state meet maybe top 5. I could be wrong but I just don't see the relays all top heating. That's a necessity to finish in the top 3. I expect them to top 10 easily. As to the Central District they will have to have everything go right and SC to have some disasters to climb over the Cardinals this year. Now next year may be a very different story.
I'm dreaming rjones? Compare the times, SC has the top time in the District in all 3 relays with no one else even close. UA is 3rd in the medley, 5th in the 200 & 3rd in the 400. SC swimmers have the top time in the IM, 50, & 100. UA has the top time in the 200 & 500. Yes UA will score well in the 500 but meanwhile SC will score multiple swimmers in the 200, 50, 100 & breast just based on the top times. At the state level, SC is 3rd in the medley, first in the 200 & fourth (third in D1) in the 400. Meanwhile UA is 14th (10th in D1) in the medley, 13th (11 in D1) in the 200 & 13th (10th in D1) in the 400. That doesn't add up to top heats in the relays. Individually, the Bears have a swimmer in the 200, 500 & breast in the state rankings. The Cards have a swimmer in the 200, IM, Fly, Back & 2 in the 50. I'm comfortable with my predictions...so again I ask whose dreaming now rjones!!!

Oh and by the way rjones I don't think SC ducked UA. Word is that when SC tried to schedule, UA mysteriously had no open dates. That's surprising as traditionally the first Friday after the New Year holiday has been the UA/SC meet. Somehow UA filled that day with Mason, a good team but not at SC's level. You would think UA would want to swim the top team in the district. I guess maybe not! Maybe UA was doing the ducking.
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Who cares who ducked whom. It's just too bad that the 2 best boys teams in Central Ohio didn't go head to head. rjones, UA has looked quite good this year. They appear to be deeper with the underclassmen than St. Charles. However, I must agree with aquacard's analysis for this post season. I expect SC to be district champion and in the mix for state runner up. And I agree with preeder about the 200 free relay...will be a real surprise if SC doesn't go in the 1:23s. Will be interesting to see if they will try for the district record which looks doable even without a full taper.

Anyway good luck to all in the post season. I expect a fast district especially in the 50.
cant imagine sc and ua "dodged" each other gear and debear are best friends, probably just didnt work out bummer though regardless

looks like sc is the strong favorite, would be cool to see to central ohio teams in the top 5 at states, not sure when that last happened, other contenders seem to be x, iggy, moeller, brecksville, centerville, ua has not suited since ned reeb and hamilton, neri havent at all so will be interested to see the relays, looks like hamilton might be on all 3 relays, good luck to all

one other note central ohio is REALLY strong this year, solid swimmers from pick, westerville, dublin, olentangy, na especially in the sprints
Bad news rjones...the psych sheets score out in SC favor and that's with slow relay times. Here's how it scores:

1 Columbus St. Charles 304
2 Upper Arlington 285
3 New Albany 181
4 Hilliard Davidson 168
5 Dublin Jerome 165
6 Powell Olentangy Liberty 152
7 Grove City 148
8 Lancaster 119
9 Lewis Center Olentangy 102
10 Dublin Coffman 91
11 Westerville South 85
12 Lewis Center Olentangy Orange 62
13 Pickerington North 58
14 Thomas Worthington 34
15 Westerville North 32
16 Marysville 30
17 Gahanna Lincoln 27
18 Worthington Kilbourne 24
19 Pickerington Central 19
20 Hilliard Darby 16
21 Mount Vernon 16
22 Sunbury Big Walnut 16
23 Delaware Hayes 14
24 Dublin Scioto 12
25 Reynoldsburg 10

If history is any indicator, SC will move up in points. However, the really interesting competition will be 3 through 8. Sorry rjones, just doesn't look to be UA's year. Of course a strong taper, relay DQ, or other unexpected event could shift things. There's a reason that they say "That's why you swim the meet."
UA will taper strong and move up. Also the UA relays are times without Hamilton. They will move up!!! These are just psych sheets....starting tomorrow we begin getting some real times. The only reason SC may eek out a victory at district is because UA will likely taper for the state. Unlike SC, UA tapers for the long haul!!! Still my money's on UA for the district title.
Still my money's on UA for the district title.

No doubt that Neri's swim might have been the best sectional swim this year, (although Koethke's 20.8, 50 was awfully fast in your pool.) Did you see SC's relay lineups? A complete jumble, not a single full District line up in any of them. They were sandbagging Sectionals my friend.

Just do a quick browse, SC 3:1 in the big heat in the 50, 2:1 in the 100, 1:2 in the 200, 0:4 in the 500 (big UA score), even in back, 3:2 in breast, 2:1 in fly, 1:2 in the IM, SC will win all three relays. I'll be watching.
Here’s how each district meet scores out using the sectional times:

1 Cincinnati St. Xavier 565
2 Cincinnati Moeller 249
3 Centerville 168
4 Cincinnati Walnut Hills 157
5 Cincinnati Anderson 133
6 Mason 126
7 Vandalia Butler 107
8 Lakota East 104
9 Cincinnati Sycamore 99
10 Springboro 95
11 Cincinnati Turpin 80
12 Springfield 63
13 Milford 55
14 Cincinnati La Salle 43
15 Cincinnati Oak Hills 37
16 Kettering Fairmont 31
17 Beavercreek 30
18 Clayton Northmont 23
18 Xenia 23
20 Lakota West 19
21 Kings Mills Kings 17
22 Lebanon 16
23 Cincinnati Elder 11
24 Cincinnati Princeton 8
24 Sidney 8
25 New Carlisle Tecumseh 7
26 Cincinnati Colerain 6
26 Miamiburg 6
28 Cincinnati Elder 5
28 Troy 5
29 Fairfield 3
30 Loveland 2

1 Brecksville-Broadview Heights 303
2 Shaker Heights 176
3 Green 169
4 Massillon Jackson 166
5 North Canton Hoover 153
6 Cuyahoga Falls Walsh Jesuit 146
7 Youngstown Boardman 145
8 Hudson 140
9 Solon 137
10 Copley 100
11 Mayfield 73
12 Warren G. Harding 69
13 Akron Firestone 61
14 North Royalton 56
15 Painesvill Riverside 53
16 Wooster 49
17 Parma Normandy 44
18 Stow-Munroe Falls 38
19 Austintown Fitch 28
19 Eastlake North 28
19 Massilon Perry 28
22 Willoughby South 26
23 Twinsburg 25
24 Chagrin Falls Kenston 24
25 Euclid 14
25 Kent Roosevelt 14
27 Madison 10
28 Cuyahoga Falls 7
28 Macedonia Nordonia 7
30 Chardon 4
30 Cleveland Heights 4

1 Cleveland St. Ignatius 293
2 Lakewood St. Edward 263
3 Findlay 221
4 Toledo St. Francis De Sales 220
5 Strongsville 176
6 Medina 152
7 Wadsworth 150
8 Amherst Steele 130
9 Fremont Ross 126
10 Sylvania Southview 91
11 Avon 85
12 Perrysburg 54
13 Lakewood 41
14 Avon Lake 33
15 Mansfield 27
16 Westlake 24
17 Oregon Clay 23
18 Medina Highland 16
19 Berea Midpark 12
19 Toledo St. John's Jesuit 12
21 Brunswick 4
21 Elyria 4
23 Olmsted Falls 4
24 North Olmsted 1

1 Upper Arlington 369
2 Columbus St. Charles 319
3 Grove City 175
4 Dublin Jerome 156
5 New Albany 136
6 Powell Olentangy Liberty 133
7 Hilliard Davidson 125
8 Lewis Center Olentangy 115
9 Westerville South 94
10 Dublin Coffman 90
11 Pickerington North 87
12 Thomas Worthington 66
13 Lancaster 57
14 Westerville North 51
15 Marysville 50
16 Sunbury Big Walnut 49
17 Reynoldsburg 38
18 Lewis Center Olentangy Orange 32
19 Worthington Kilbourne 30
20 Gahanna Lincoln 23
21 Dublin Scioto 16
22 Delaware Hayes 15
23 Ashville Teays Valley 11
24 Pickerington Central 10
25 Mount Vernon 6
26 Hilliard Darby 5
27 Hilliard Bradley 4
28 Westerville Central 1
1 Upper Arlington 369
2 Columbus St. Charles 319

It's only a sandbag if they can win the relay. SC can't make up 50 points on relays. The Bears are swimming real fast without rest. This week theystart resting!!! Imagine how fast they'll be with rest! Like I said preeder my money is on UA for district title. And although SC may win a relay they won't win all 3! UA will take the medley & 400 free.
It's only a sandbag if they can win the relay. SC can't make up 50 points on relays.

For once I agree with you rjones. St. Charles will not make up the entire 50 points on relays - although a chunk will come from that! Look at last year, using the sectional times SC was 31 points down to UA but they won the district by 115 points. They outscored their sectional times by 86 points while UA score 70 points less than their sectional projection. Won't be surprised if the same thing happens this year. Clearly some of UA's swimmers were resting and given that everyone dropped time you have to assume that the entire team had begun to rest before the sectional. It does not appear that SC rested anyone other than perhaps some of the swimmers who didn't get through. I remain confident that SC will take the title by a comfortable margin!
I don't know aquacard, it looks to be a much more competetive district than was first thought. Looking over the qualifiers both the 100 and 50 (SC strength) look to be quite fast this year. While the 500 (UA strength) looks rather slow. Don't think SC will get much help in keeping down UA's score in that event. While the potential is there for others to push the Cardinals down in their strong events. And using Hamilton in all 3 relays will speed up UA's relays significantly. Remember most of their relay times before last week were without him. Maybe you're right that SC will drop alot and UA won't but I wouldn't count on it. Certainly the top of UA's team has more room to drop based on last year's times. Looking forward to a fast meet.
Yes the Central's maybe competitive for the title and will be very competitive for 3rd. But while the SW & NE seem all but decided the real meet of interest is the NW. That looks to be a dogfight for the title. Iggy's medley was DQed which clearly hurts them in the district race, but perhaps even more in the state meet. Although it does make their 200 & 400 relays faster. It will be interesting to see if StF can retain their crown. They will certainly drop alot of time from sectional. Wonder if Ransom pulled a Gear with his relays? Looking forward to seeing what House does in the 200 & 500. How much faster can Neri go? District record is 1:38 something by Matkovich. That's getting some age on it now. Relay records in the Central could fall as well.
Very fast district Saturday, at least at the top of the meet. 10 records. All the boys D1 relays fell. SC more than made up the 50 points on UA. Even with a DQ of their final relay they won by 30 points. Again SC dropped lots of time. Wondering if they have any more drop left. I suspect not other than maybe Ward. With the DQ of the 400 relay they probably can't finish second at state - although the meet scores out with them in 3rd. Even with out the DQ they could make their 200 relay go faster with a different lineup - perhaps under 1:23. With the DQ their medley should go faster but not certain they can catch X. They'll have to have a near perfect meet to finish second. UA also is in striking distance but I'm not sure they can speed up their relays. Not sure anyone in the Central District other than perhaps Matthews has any drop left in their times. Must say that UA's relays did impress, especially the 400. SC may have been better off not unstacking its 400 as suspect that's what caused the anchor to jump as he was trying to catch UA. Too bad because it would be interesting to see how fast SC could make that relay go.
UA will finish 2nd in state meet. Not surprising that SC had big drops as they were tapered for district. UA's state qualifiers will move up since they are tapered for this week end. Even if SC's relay had not been DQed they would be finishing behind the Bears. UA will drop time across the board and all their relays will finish in the top 3. Expect them to win the 400.
Would be absolutely shocked if UA wins the 400 over X...Especially with no individual qualifiers in 100. Time will tell I suppose.

What events are we all most excited for? I'm looking forward to the 200 free relay, 200 IM with Cope and Hodge, and the 500 free. Thoughts/predictions?
Would be absolutely shocked if UA wins the 400 over X...Especially with no individual qualifiers in 100. Time will tell I suppose.

I would join your shock! Actually if anyone could top X in 400 relay it's Brecksville. They have a 3:03 time from earlier in the year. But they may have to split their personnel to make other relays fast. SC may have had a shot if they hadn't been DQed. Looks like they did not have their fastest available relay in the 200 or 400. In the relays though, the 200 looks to be smoking fast. It may take a 1:22 to win it. rjones, I suspect that UA tapered for district just like nearly everyone else. I suppose Neri may have some drop left but I don't think Reardon or Fischer do. Kibbe may score in the 500 but he'll have to hold his taper. To move up at the state generally you don't have to drop time, just hold your time. I think the 200, IM and 500 will be the most interesting in the individual events. The 50 will be a replay of the Central District final with the Brecksville and Green guys joining in. I think House will win both the 200 & 500. I suspect he's eyeing the 200 record. Looking forward to a good meet. Best of luck to all.