2012 State Tourney Updates

The southwest district is the toughest in the state of Ohio. Troy the defending state champions made the districts for the ninth year in a row. The GWOC has seven teams in the districts.
That is really impressive! With 5 gcl schools in districts, that means half of the 24 teams there will have come from only two leagues! How does the gwoc keep turning out so many great teams? Is there a good junior program in the area?
I can only speak on Troy as that is where I am from. We have a good junoir league on Sundays. We have good coaches that work well with the kids. Troy's high school coach Rob Dever runs a scholarship league each spring and fall. It was a Sherwood Lanes in Troy until it closed last year. Then in the fall it was held at Troy Bowl and Brel-Aire in Piqua. Now this spring it will be a traveling league with the kids bowling in several houses throughout the Miami Valley.
One pin away from making it to state. I bet there are a few St. X guys wondering why they didn't just go for the one pin instead of trying to convert that tough split.

If they still kept score with pencil and pad, the X guys would probably still be there tallying and re-tallying scores looking for that extra couple pins.