2007 - The Year Of Change


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2006 was a different year, some good and some bad. Probably the highlight of the year was going to see my favorite band of all-time in concert on September 19th, Lostprophets. Their music is awesome. They have different sounds, and their lyrics are very thought-provoking I usually have a lyric of there's on my MySpace (myspace ID is chaz8180).

Things in 2006 really set the stage for 2007. I get things squared away with my school loans and everything, 6 days later my car blows up. I have worked at a local sub shop for 5 years and things built up that led me to leave in Janurary. Sadly I should have left 4 1/2 years before that. Wasted my life, professionally, met some great people, many who I still call my friends today. So good things did come of it. Quitting there was a big step for me although basically the group of us all quit because things were getting "out of hand". Thinking I had a job in the bag I quit blimpie, but the job fell through so I have spent the last 2 months trying to get a job. So today I get a job offer and I took it. I was hoping to get in at Starbucks but I'll deal with working for another Fortune 500 company. Unfortunately I don't start right away though.

The next big thing is friends. I began hanging out with some new friends later in 2006. Anyways this couple I am friends with has been rocky to say the least. The boyfriend who hated me at first because he thought I was trying to take his fiance away (in like septemeber of last year), not quite. Funny is I would become his best buddy until recently, but I will pick up on that in a minute. It got to the point he would rather stay at home and play video games or sleep then go out with his girl. He would always say go hang out with Levi and the guys. Well throughout the past few months she began to fall for me, but told no one other than her "girl" friends. She joked about it several times, but my friends and I always joke. He had a couple of tantrums he threw in front of me, my friend and her. It kind of changed my opinions on the guy. Finally about 2 weeks ago she came out and told me how she felt about me. This was 2 days after she tried to dump her b/f, but he asked for 3weeks to "change" she complied. She was afraid on how to handle it figuring I am like her best friend. Nonetheless the following saturday he told her to call up "the guys" so she did. Well they came by and picked me up, I felt bad vibes from the phone call because he was in the background complaining about not wanting to drive around all night. After he picked me up all he did was complain to us both, we suggested all kinds of different things to do, he declined them all. So he dropped me and her off at her house, and of course he acts all childish peeling out in her driveway. Think its over? Not even close. He calls her up and threatens to hold her bowling ball and shoes so she can't bowl in league the next day. She tells him she'll just get rentals and a alley ball. Then he follows us around until we stop at a car wash. He tells her to come home with him. He drives his car crazily through the parking lot. Then he calls again says his engine locked up, hangs up and you can hear him driving when he calls back. We go pick up my friend. Meanwhile he sent us both text message insinuating that he's going to commit suicide, and leaves her VM's saying the same. We leave our friends and we decide to go see a movie in Alliance away from him. Meanwhile he is calling her and threatening various things. Finally he decides to call me and blame me saying "you made up her mind for her". Usually when he rants I just sit there, I just lay into him and he hangs up on me. Until this point I felt bad because here she is unhappy with her b/f and has a crush on me, and I feel guilty to some degree for their relationship heading south. Although considering he already spent a week in jail and had a no contact order on him a year ago I guess the blame is where it belongs. 2 hours later we all come out of the movie, and as we are heading to the parking lot he comes walking in demanding a ride home. He says his car is dying plus its low in gas. Meanwhile he was stalking her for the past few hours. He said I was sitting in your car. Give me a ride. She tells him no. He starts kicking her car, and punching the window. At this point I have really had enough of this drama so I start to open the door to get out, he punches the hood and says come on. I am ready to go and she tells me don't. He then comes around and says "he started it" and asks for a ride home. She eventually agrees to follow him home. We drive off and he starts calling saying I have money and if you come see me I will give you some. He wanted her to drop us off before she came, she was afraid of him, I was afraid of myself and what I might do. Anyways he gave her 7 dollars and then asked her to come home with him. She says you asked for 3 weeks and after 1 you are getting worse. He then makes it a point to tell me and my friend that he isn't afraid to go back to jail and he pulled out a thing of mase and said he will use it if he has to. She tells him its over, like she said the week before. He tells her he will go home and fire up the (imaginary) 12 gauge. The next day we had our bowling league. He shows up and tanks the first 2 games. I didn't even acknowledge his existence the whole 3 hours we were there, not even eye contact. So after bowling me, her and my friend went to a movie and hung out. From about 8pm to midnight he called her ATLEAST 200 times. He couldn't find her this time and kept driving by her house. It ended badly for him as the cops got called and he got a speeding ticket. He asked her for money to pay for the ticket. This relationship is completely backwards, she makes a good bit less than him and she pays for him 90% of the time. The next day he gets sent home from work because he is unable to work. He shows up at her work and starts bawling, then he chokes himself out with his belt until his grandma told him to stop. He then sent me a text message that night saying "i'm sorry". The rest of the week goes fairly uneventful. He tries to get us to hang out last weekend no one was interested in that. So sunday we go bowling and I thought I will be civil. I was probably too nice to him. Anyways he says he's going to take the next week off, and threatened to transfer to PA. So I get a call from her last evening saying she was with him. :rolleyes: Then she texted me asking if we wanted to go to the Legends game this friday, my friend was vehemently against it, I thought about it. The more I think about it the sicker I get. I talked to her a few times today (tues) but he was always around. I hope she doesn't give him another chance. I guess I felt guilty because she likes me, but that is her choice, not mine or his. Now I feel guilty that I am letting my friend be used by a manipulative, mooching, ungrateful piece of crap (and thats keeping it PG).

This latest development has made me lose more faith in people. I think girls like being screwed over. I mean they complain nonstop about their boyfriends, but are too afraid to cut the umbilical cord so they take senseless crap time and again. Guys like this almost make me want to not be nice. Because they ruin it for all the other guys. Regardless of what you think of my yappi.com antics I consider myself a nice guy. I don't expect anything in return other than friendship, if anything else develops so be it. Guys like the aforementioned absolutely disgust me. Maybe I forgive stupidity, but I will never forget it.

I would love to hear what people have to say about the second to last paragraph.
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Well alot has gone on in 2007 for me. It has been an up and down year in the job market, crappy jobs and still waiting to get into the place I attempted to about a year ago. Its OK because this year has been the best of my life. I started dating this girl and it has turned out to be better than I could have ever imagined it. Sadly with the girlfriend some of my friends have been lost or are just angry at me that I'd rather hang out with her than do nothing but HS hijinx. I mean my one friend got mad at me because we didn't talk for 2 weeks. Reality check its not high school and just because I don't spend my every waking moment hanging out doesn't mean I'm not friends. Let me be realistic my girlfriend is alot more spontaneous than my un-named friend. While I love going to see Hoover games I enjoy doing other things as well. Most things I like doing like going to starbucks, going to a different restaurant (not the same one fri and sat nite), thrift shopping, when going to the mall going there to look at stuff at the stores not try to gawk at high school aged girls and walking around endlessly until the security tells us to leave 30-45 minutes after close. Also my gf introduced me to Casino's and I must say its alot of fun. I have went down to Mountaineer in West Virginia, we have both hit $200 (on a 25 cent bet) in the past 2 months. The games though are alot of fun and there are times I will play for 8 or 9 hours and spend $15-20. Also their food is great, I love their breakfast buffet they have on friday and saturday nights. Moving on...

I enjoyed my first Christmas with my girlfriend this past week, I can't believe it will be a year in April. There have been some weird happenings though this year. My exit of Blimpie would be my third smartest thing of the year, which most years would be the smartest but I must say I had an action packed year. Another thing was seeking a settlement against Grange Insurance after an accident. After my accident my ankle and knee was sore but I didn't want to take advantage of the situation. Well after they jerked my grandma around as it was her car I was using (because mine KO'd) they were giving her a hard time about getting her a rental. She had to wait over a week. Well I saw it that they were taking advantage of my grandmother so I called up a chiropracter and got an appointment I figured nothing was wrong so it'd be a visit or two and thats it. After 3 months of going to the chiro. I told them I was going to stop going because I wanted to settle with Grange. Well Grange drug their feet for 2 weeks. My medical was $1465 Grange wanted me to settle with $1500. I was consulted by someone saying take no less than double your medical. So I negiotated with them for $3k. The next minute she told me they would offer me 2000 and thats the most they'd have to offer me. I said thats not even in my ballpark, they offered me $3500 total (1465 med and 2035 for me). At this time I told her I'd sign off on 2500 right now she said 2500 is not in her ballpark. I turned it down and called back again later that day I re-started negotiations at $2200 (even though she ended with 2k), she said thats not possible. I said OK I'll talk to you later, before I hang up she interupts me saying OK 2300. I tell her she's getting more in my ballpark but still not that close, I told her I'll call her back tomorrow. I did and she offered me $2500 I told her why not meet in the middle at 2750 she claimed I wanted 3000 and she offered me 1500 and she came up more than half. She mentioned that I also stated that I would sign off on $2500, I told her I did say that but with all this back and forth I had to deal with that she had a chance to settle with me then but she didn't and that today is a different day. Well after about a week of back and forth I settled at $2500 + med. I wasn't done though, I called her up to see if I could pick up the check at her office instead of waiting a week to get it. It worked out because my bank was right down the road so I got it and cashed it. I was supposed to have a 7 day hold but they gave me $100 available off the balance, then that night for some reason my entire settlement was available to me. It was worth it to me regardless of what the whiny people on this site said about me ruining the Country and so forth because anyone who didn't do what I did would be stupid. My only regret was I didn't go to a medical doctor because Ins. companies pay out better than chiropracter.

The smartest thing I did obviously was dating my girlfriend. I am a happier person and I think a better person because of her and because I have her in my life. I may have a friend who disagrees but that is his own opinion and he can have it but it sure doesn't make him any more right than me.

Forgot to mention another thing that is awesome is bowling I am in a league with my girlfriend, our friend and another guy. We finished first in the league last year (but I was just a sub in the 2nd half of the season) but I still have the trophy in my room.

I guess when I made this blog back in March I knew this was a year of change. It definately has been and I look forward to what the next year brings.

HAPPY NEW YEARS to everyone!!!
I guess I will update this thing since I have actually been getting on here again.

Now that this year 2008 is beginning to wind down I will run down some of what has happened to me and my opinions on certain things.

I am still dating my girlfriend and we are still really happy together. Although my "best friend" throughout HS and I have had our issues. In reality I am not faultless in this but it seemed like he was really cool with me and her until she dumped her ex and started dating me. I mean her ex was an idiot, but once he exited the picture it seemed as if my friend felt he needed to take the spot as the jerk. It was more than that though, he told me I had to check in with him when I would go out with my g/f on the weekend and not include him. I tried to do it but after a few months it got tiring, it was like why am I answering to my friend if I want to go out with my g/f? Let's not mention that my friend never liked doing things other than High School Stuff: The mall to check out HS girls and not go to stores, go to HS games and so forth. When I was 17 OK, but 27 I could think of better things to do. If you ask my friend it was that I screwed him over because I got a girlfriend. In reality my girlfriend and I always tried to include him, but he'd just complain and tell us he didn't want to hang out. So enough times we finally quit including him. We went to the first Hoover game last season and sat on the other side. After the game I went with my g/f to go to Sheetz to get something to eat, so then I called WHBC Sportsline and talked about the game. It wasn't 15 minutes and he came flying into the parking lot screeching tires and then he started yelling and using profanity in front of everyone there. He came all the way from North Canton to show up at Sheetz to confront me. After he was going off for a good 15 minutes finally I tried to be civil talking about the game, so things seemed better atleast cooled things down. So we went to the games with him the rest of the season, occasionally went to see a movie or whatever. After the season ended I started working more nights (as well as my g/f) so he wanted to hang out the week of Thanksgiving, had to work every night that week except Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, I picked up a car he sold me. I didn't have the money, but he told me to come pick it up and pay him for it later. Well he needed me to take it because it was illegally parked in his yard (too many cars), I told him I wouldn't be able to pay for it until after the new year. He was OK with that. So about a week and a half passes and he is sending me angry MySpace and Yappi PM messages about I need to pay him for it since we're not friends anymore. Then he started complaining to me about my girlfriend is running my life. REALITY: I worked nights that Hoover played basketball games, and I was in a bowling league on sundays. It was my girlfriend's fault I got a job that worked me at night? Next up is my car I got he told me was good and the only thing wrong with it is that one tire is a little low in air other than that its good. I had to replace 3 tires, 2 in the first month, plus the heater was broke and so forth. He continued to play the blame game that my girlfriend runs my life and that he was the poor little boy who got betrayed by his friend. BOTTOMLINE: Just because you are my friend doesn't mean I answer to you. He blames me and my girlfriend, but he never wanted to do anything and when he did he complained. He went back on his word about giving me time and telling me nothing was wrong with the car. Really other than Hoover games we really don't have anything in common, its sad but true. I like going on roadtrips to Malls or places far away or go to Mountaineer to play some slots and I like Starbucks, not just drink their stuff but I like relaxing their. He likes going to the mall to scope teen girls, and basically be a "Mall Rat" just exist there without purpose, go to restaurants to drink water, watch Hoover games (which I still like to as well), and go on road trips to meet girls off the internet. Its not meant as a bash to him as it is to show the differences of us.

To be continued....
I almost wish that I could start a new thread with a different title. I want to rant about alot of things, but none of it is what it was before. I guess I will start to address the things of the past like the fact that my girlfriend and I are engaged, and have been since April. Our relationship is absolutely great. We both are fortunate enough to have jobs in this poor economy, although considering we both get a considerable amount of our income from tips income is down from a year ago (for me maybe 6 months).

I want to rant first of all about this "cash for clunkers" program. It is as expected a joke, I mean it was contrived by this administration so what else should we expect? First of all I went with my Fiance to look at getting her a new car since her Transmission blew out. OK she drove a Dodge Neon, not exactly a "clunker", but wait I am getting there on making my point. I spoke with the salesperson and he admitted to me that to qualify for the $3500 or $4500 rebate the vehicle had to get 18/mpg or worse when the vehicle was new. My previous car a Buick Century (well my last 2 cars were both the same) got 21-22 mpg so not even that would qualify. You needed to buy a brand new vehicle and would receive $3500 or $4500 rebate. This program is bogus for so many other reasons. It will create a "faux" fix of the car industry. This is only clearing out the inventory. Now fast forward and you are having car dealerships not being reimbursed by the Federal Government. There is a bigger problem that this "clunker" of a program will bring. How about all these people who traded in these clunkers (beaters) who obviously couldn't afford a large car payment. How many of these people will default on the loans, they won't make the payments and the cars will get repossessed. In a year, maybe a year and a half people will be able to buy these cars for alot cheaper at an auction. Anyone who does not believe that this will happen need to lay off the Kool-Aid and join the rest of us in reality.