2021 Yappi Challenge - Comments

High School Football, 2021
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Just finished. They should all be in there now.

Next week will be easier with all the teams in the system now.
You have CCD playing Coldwater this week. Deer Park beat CCD last week.
Thanks!! It's been corrected. If you see anything else incorrect, please post it here.

That game was taken straight from the OHSAA release for the games:
5 Cincinnati Country Day (8-2) at 4 Coldwater (9-2)
I had some hope I knew I would have to be good and pick upsets and after last week's poor picking of games, all hope is gone.
So is the challenge cumulative throughout the whole year? I just noticed I was somehow the only person who got all state semifinals correct.
So that's another year of HS football,thx Yappi for all your work on Pickem.Another Top Ten finish with the Top Five really good...BAM!