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    2022 MVL Pick Em Week 1

    Friday Xenia Piqua Eaton Northmont Bellefontaine Tecumseh Bellbrook Troy Miamisburg Saturday Stebbins Bonus Games Springfield Lakota West
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    2022 MVL Pick Em Week 1

    Welcome to week 1 of the MVL Pick Em. This year I've decided to change it up just a little bit. I will be adding an additional 2 games that are out of league games to each weeks pick em. Of course, all MVL games that are played will be on here, as well as 2 additional games. As we get into the...
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    Is anyone interested in MVL Pick Em this year?

    Cool, I will get it going in the next couple of days!
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    Is anyone interested in MVL Pick Em this year?

    Last year I did an MVL (Miami Valley League) pick em. We had a decent amount of participation. I was going to do another one this year but wanted to make sure we would have enough to play. If you are interested please let me know and I can consider doing again.
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    Tim's top 20 in Cincinnati

    Ya, not good
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    How do you get rid of WEEDS........

    I used stuff called Tenacity for clover and other difficult weeds. It works really well. It’s pretty expensive and very potent stuff. Gotta be very careful when mixing and applying. It can do some serious damage. I’d recommend trying it though.
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    How do you get rid of WEEDS........

    Mow the lawn high each time. Especially during droughts and during the dog Days of summer. Spring and fall lawns can be kept about 1 inch shorter. By doing this it will help to choke out weeds and hold moisture. Get ya a spot sprayer and something with 2-4-D in it. Use it periodically every few...
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    Joe Eitel

    COVID had Joe
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    Memorial Stadium in Troy

    Good luck. We all want it. But The Mercers have a strong grip on Troy and they take care of the field and have for years. I won’t believe it until I see it
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    D2 Region 8

    Troy will be going back to the Wing T under a new head coach. Will be interested to see if they can become relevant again. But ya, Lasalle and WW are basically locks at this point
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    MVL 2022

    I don’t know about this century but some of us are welcoming a change and would love a wing t approach. It’s been proven to be very successful if operated correctly. Under Steve Nolan, Troy always had 1 to 2 1,000 yard Rushers and the Qb was more of a game manager. I am a bit concerned with it...
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    Favorite HS FB stadium?

    As a bias poster… Troy, Sidney, and (yes Piqua) have great stadiums
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    MVL 2022

    Troy should he solid. Not great, not bad but competitive for the most part. I expect about 7 wins
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    Braxton Miller and new Ohio Prep School

    Shows how much I know. Had no idea Urbana even closed.
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    Troy looking for head coach

    He won a state title. Must be doing something right