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  • we will be presenting again to the Board of Ed. on June 30th but they now are on board and want it done
    I like what you said about Elyria High,wish they would build a program the right way-the junior highs coordinated through the high school coach-Fell doesn't want to put in the work... sad
    sent a private message- call me 440-897-7175 if you want to be involved,we are meeting wed. nite at 6 in downtown elyria
    Would you be willing to help with the rebuild of Ely Stadium ? i am part of the group that will be doing this.
    p.s. can't wait for next friday night at Fremont-want to see their remodel of the stadium
    Mike -which school are you affiliated with ? I assume it is in Lorain County
    wait- i see it is EHS- i live about 200 feet from the back of Eastern Hts. Middle school
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