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  • I have announced games the past two seasons where Mooney Frosh teams (13 & 14) were not your typical Mooney squads. They got blasted in both games as did the 14 JV squad. Now I am assuming you still have a strong senior class this season combined with some incoming transfers (?) for the typical talented Mooney Varsity team. STVM is a much improved squad than the early season 2014 version. Expect a battle week 4 in Akron
    East Y-town. I heard or read on this site that our freshman and JV teams hadn't won a game half way throught he season. Is/was that correct? Are the nexy couple of years as dismal sounding as that might suggest in terms of talent? Your thoughts are confidential naturally. I thought about calling a couple follks I still communicate with at Mooney occasionally...but though I'd ask you for your thoughts as it's clear your close on some levels. THX
    where do you get these lines from??? Where could I place a bet on these games. I would love to find a bookie who takes those bets.
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