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    Week 1 Freshmen Football scores

    Three blow wins for the UA program. Is the young Backus related to the RB from UA a few years ago?
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    Central Catholic League thoughts for 2022?

    I know that Bishop Ready won't compete in the CCL for football, but they still do in basketball and baseball don't they?
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    David Carr in transfer portal

    OSU missed on him already once. They took Maddox over Carr, huge mistake by Ryan.
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    Top 8 Rankings

    I agree, he will fit in well with the Coffman team.
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    Top 8 Rankings

    175, I would take him over the two soph's Luke James and Lincoln Shulaw. I would also have Havill ahead of those two, just my 2 cents.
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    First Set of Rankings for the 2022-23 Season

    Thanks Boro Fan.
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    Central Catholic League thoughts for 2022?

    Lets get some talk and predictions for the central catholic league. Can Desales and Watterson beat Hartley? Will St. Charles be improved?
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    Rank the Ohio Colleges/Universities from this past season.

    1.Ohio State No Idea 2. Ohio U 3. Kent St 4. Cleveland St D2/D3 5. Tiffin 6. Ashland 7. Findlay 8. Mt. Union 9. Baldwin Wallace 10. Mt. St Joes
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    Best Finals Celebration?

    I liked the double leg takedown by the wrestler on his coach. Shumate's was sweet, did they take a team point away from them for that?
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    Scorekeepers at the state tournament

    Come on get serious. If he said that about Liberty you wouldn't be happy. That guy should be suspended at least aand not allowed to ref matches for the school he was talking about.
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    State Alternates

    Terrible news about the Coffman wrestler. How do they go about picking the alternate? Why didn't the 5th place wrestler from the Darby district get in?
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    Congrats to Mat Stencel !!
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    Hilliard Darby District Thoughts?

    I had to go out and get my coat from the truck, shocked at how cold it was. I like the new setup in the gym. 126 was loaded feel bad for Agin was also shocked to see back to back state champs get beat.
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    Hilliard Darby District Thoughts?

    Nope, nothing yet
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    Hilliard Darby District Thoughts?

    126- Cernus and O. Ayoub on the same side, WOW.