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  • did someone just delete my Colerain vs. X thread?

    Nevermind, there must have just been some type of delay in posting, I see it now.
    Sorry, your earlier response said there was nothing you could share so I assumed there was something big happening.
    At least tell me if you think it will be good for overall sports at Colerain and still not affect football
    Hey there Cardinals fan! What is up with Eaglefan always jumping my traditional vs thread? can you delete his so that there is only one "Official" poll please? or at least merge them. Thankies! See you at Mason HS next week!
    I listened to the entire Colerain X game while covering UC. I was hoping to get to see it on replay but I don't have Time Warner. I thought you said something about buying the tapes on the broadcast last night but didn't hear it clearly? I still want to see the game, if you know anyone that has it on DVD, please let me know.
    CardsFan, If you guys are going to kick me off for a day saying I tormented somebody.Why dont you look at HELPMEUNDERSTAND.He does nothing but curse and antagonize.He is allowed to and nobody else? Really.
    Cards Fan if you are going to lecture me about language you need to tell Helpmeunderstand to stop .Obviously I was signaled out here.
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