XFL to be a "petri dish" for the NFL


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Will anything really come out of this? Maybe a sort of Minor League football system?

Personally, if the XFL would allow players to play in the league right out of high school, it could pose some competition with the NCAA, although be it very small. If you are a Blue Chip High School Football player and someone offers you a contract to play for them, instead of trying to get NIL deals this would create another avenue for players to get on a fast track to the pros, while getting paid. I believe there is a basketball league that does this as well, (see Overtime Elite). Just think about it, a domestic football league where players can get paid right out of high school, that would definitely entice some players to gauge an interest.
It is a start, no doubt. Without some sort of connection to the NFL,none of these leagues will survive. You kow they would never associate with the USFL so the XFL wins out.
Down the road I think it will be a development. NFL teams cut so many players each season in Training Camp. Maybe this gives those guys, who dont get picked up on a practice squad, to play and develope?
The tweak I would like to see is a 25 second clock instead of the 40 second and shorter quarters … and have a hockey like substitution method … where players can be running off the field at the snap as long as the don’t interfere with the play … this would speed up the game, and to me, much more interesting to watch … could have same amount of plays in less time.