WRC 2020



08/28 A Aurora
09/04 A Uniontown Lake
09/11 H Hudson
09/17 A Mayfield
09/25 A Kenston
10/02 H Chardon
10/09 A Riverside
10/16 H Eastlake North
10/23 A Willoughby South
10/30 H Madison

08/28 A West Geauga
09/04 Open
09/11 A Alliance
09/18 A Riverside
09/25 H Mayfield
10/02 A Brush
10/09 A Kenston
10/16 H Willoughby South
10/23 A Madison
10/30 H Eastlake North

08/28 H Black River
09/04 A Chagrin Falls
09/11 A West Geauga
09/18 H Eastlake North
09/25 H Brush
10/02 A Willoughby South
10/09 H Chardon
10/16 A Madison
10/23 H Riverside
10/30 A Mayfield

08/28 A Geneva
09/04 H Lakeside
09/11 H Perry
09/18 A Willoughby South
09/25 H Riverside
10/02 A Mayfield
10/09 A Eastlake North
10/16 H Kenston
10/23 H Chardon
10/30 A Brush

08/28 Open
09/04 H Jackson
09/11 A Nordonia
09/17 H Brush
09/25 A Chardon
10/02 H Madison
10/09 A Willoughby South
10/16 H Riverside
10/23 A Eastlake North
10/30 H Kenston

08/28 A North Olmsted
09/04 H Revere
09/11 H Lakeside
09/18 H Kenston
09/25 H Willoughby South
10/02 A Riverside
10/09 H Madison
10/16 A Brush
10/23 H Mayfield
10/30 A Chardon

08/28 H Perry
09/04 A Kirtland
09/11 Open
09/18 H Chardon
09/25 A Madison
10/02 H Eastlake North
10/09 H Brush
10/16 A Mayfield
10/23 A Kenston
10/30 H Willoughby South

08/28 A Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin
09/04 H Maple Heights
09/11 A University School
09/18 H Madison
09/25 A Eastlake North
10/02 H Kenston
10/09 H Mayfield
10/16 A Chardon
10/23 H Brush
10/30 A Riverside


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Is it safe to say that the WRC is as open as it's ever been? Could legit see at least 4 teams competing for the crown.


Is it safe to say that the WRC is as open as it's ever been? Could legit see at least 4 teams competing for the crown.
Two seasons ago, Chardon, Kenston, and Riverside tied for the conference crown. It is refreshing to see competitive balance in the WRC at the top and throughout vs. the domination by one school (South) in the PAC.

Bad Blake

Interestingly, since the formation of this conference in 2015, there have been no back to back conference champions, and only Chardon has won it outright or a share of it twice. 6 of the 8 teams have won at least a share of the WRC in its 5 year existence. Only Eastlake North and Willoughby South have not.

2015 Madison (7-0)
2016 Chardon (7-0)
2017 Brush (6-1)
2018 Kenston, Riverside, Chardon (6-1)
2019 Mayfield (7-0)
I believe that every single team has also made it to the playoffs since the formation of the conference as well.

Chardon was so close to making it to the state semifinals and is obviously gonna be hungry for more.

Mayfield beat Willoughby South, who was making their first playoff appearance in 2014, and in the next round, nearly knocked off the giant that is Archbishop Hoban.

Kenston, the 2018 champion, nearly knocked off top-seeded New Philadelphia in Region 9. They probably would have gone deep in the postseason had they won that game.

Madison was 10 points away from finishing 6-4 (only lost 10-3 to Chardon Week 9 and 22-19 to Geneva Week 1, and knocked off Willoughby South in Week 4). They're a strong candidate to bounce back.

Painesville Riverside was nine points away from finishing 6-4 themselves. They nearly pulled off an upset against Mayfield at home Week 8, and nearly beat Willoughby South Week 10. Given that they play Perry and Kirtland non-conference this season, if they can knock off at least one (or BOTH), and do decent in conference, they are a good candidate to qualify for Week 11. I think they could have made some noise had they made it last year.

Eastlake North will be three years removed from their first ever playoff appearance in school history. They have work to do, as does Brush, who also made the playoffs that year and knocked off Hudson.

I can see four teams (and potentially five) being in conference contention, if not playoff contention. This a pretty strong league from top to bottom.


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I think this season the dark horse is North. I’ve seen a few games over the last couple of years. They have some D1 talent on the offensive line. But what they do with it is up to the coaching staff.