WiFi Hotspots

James Cramerica

Cooling Off
I need to get access to internet/TV in a location that has poor internet/cell phone service. In the Fall I used a friend's wifi device to stream OSU-Wisconsin while camping. How does this work? I feel like Derek Zoolander trying to get "in" the computer. Please help. BTW, cell phone as a wifi hotspot is not strong/reliable enough.
Ep when did you turn into slideby? WiFi hot spot devices. They are stronger than your phone as a mobile hotspot. Do they run through your phone's service or internet service? If it's still incoherent it's because I have no clue how these things work. Thus the thread.
With cell phone hot spots...they have this thing called the flux capacitor. It excelerates molecules and atoms to achieve a 4g connection. Hope this helps.
A cabin about 30 minutes outside of Nashville since you're so curious. These hotspot devices exist for a reason, and I doubt it's on the off chance people are stuck in Afghanistan. :laugh:
For $35 you can get one of those google chromecast things and stream from your phone to the TV (as long as it has a USB). I know you said the hotspot thing isn't reliable enough but I think this would be a viable solution.
I'll be streming the Final 4 games. Thanks for the info guys.

Did you look at Sling Box ? I think it's a service that forwards whatever content you have for home TV to mobile devices. I'm sure they must simplify/compress images for the sake of speed. They may have some help with portability, too.