WHO Now Officially Recommends to Avoid Taking Ibuprofen For COVID-19 Symptoms


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The World Health Organization recommended Tuesday that people suffering COVID-19 symptoms avoid taking ibuprofen, after French officials warned that anti-inflammatory drugs could worsen effects of the virus.

The warning by French Health Minister Veran followed a recent study in The Lancet medical journal that hypothesised that an enzyme boosted by anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen could facilitate and worsen COVID-19 infections.


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Garlic is the oldest known medicine in the world. It's a proven anti-viral. I'm not counting on it to cure me if I get sick, but I'm absolutely going to give it a try.


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I love garlic and in many instances love social distancing. lol.

I have a cherry/blueberry shake and eat at least 2 to 3 clementine oranges every day from around Thanksgiving until April. I have not gotten sick in years.

I swear by those oranges.


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Seriously, I can't tell whether tylenol or ibuprofen have any effect on me, be it for pain relief or reducing a fever. My NSAID of choice is Alleve or generic equivalent.