WHo is getting some tomorrow?

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I am know I getting into some in a serious way tomorrow. I cannot wait! It will be warm and moist, and dang it, I am just really salivating at the thought of getting myself knuckle-deep into it!!!!

I absolutely love carving the turkey on THANKSGIVING!!!!:cool:

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there. Peace and enjoy family time.
SO...which of you all got some last Thursday for Thanksgiving? I was so excited to get some in me I could hardly contain myself until 2o'clock when I was finally able to get my hands on those beautiful breasts that looked so voluptuous and firm. The moisture and heat coming from it was indescribable and I was just like a little boy in a candy shop when I finally got to put my hands on them...I love TURKEY so much!!!!

What???!! You guys need to get your heads out of the gutter!
DO what?? Ask who had some turkey for Thanksgiving? You must not have gotten any or else you would NEVER ask that type question. I keep it real, and I am talking turkey here! Gobble Gobble! Try to get some before you post junk on here about me always doing something. IF you get some, it will make you feel a lot better about life, ease your stress level, and make your blood pressure go way down. Turkey is great for your health! OG out and get some and you will see. GOBBLE GOBBLE!!!
That's gross. What thread was this? I must have missed it.

I think EP said something about killing you "so hard", and somehow that got twisted into throwing you in my prison cell, and I then said I wouldn't kill you, but I would however turn you out for some chocolate pudding Snack Packs. I will also say that I WOULD share said Snack packs with you.
Disagree. I am one of the great soccer minds of this generation. Pretty much inevitable she would have fallen for me at some point.
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