Who are the good posters

Who adds value?

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Pretty simple. Which GB regs do you feel contribute favorably to the board. Vote for as many as you wish. Don't vote for the turds.
None of us 'contribute favorably', if you step back and look objectively. We all troll, come back with alters upon banning, and then troll again.
Very surprised recently didnt vote for all the choices. Wavered a bit on whether or not voting for PVOR. Decided to go with the short term answer. Long term, I would never vote...but he has gotten better.
I think nearly everyone adds value to some degree.

I've never seen a pboy post. I've never been glad I read a MCChick post.

Slider is occasionally entertaining, but I'd have to consider him a "net zero". His tantrums can be funny. He can be funny without knowing it. He also has made way too many of other people's posts disappear by blowing up threads. "ci·pher also cy·pher (s f r). n. 1. The mathematical symbol (0) denoting absence of quantity; zero."

Where is Turpin, anyway ?