Which current Head Coaches have been coaching their team the longest?


I always see posts about coaching changes at a bunch of different schools. Which coaches have been coaching their teams the longest?


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Brian Harlamert has been at Coldwater since 1998 with a record of 490-143 with two titles.

Coldwater has had 3 coaches since 1959 and an all time record of 1400-358.

The youth rec programs are extremely well attended with I believe 8 little league teams and 3 pony league teams. Where many kids are fleeing local rec leagues to "play up" on "elite" teams and spending upwards of a thousand plus for a season the Coldwater youth program is a very basic and simplistic program and booming on attendance. The emphasis on fun, getting as many kid to play and learning the basics of all aspects of the game and playing with the teammate you will have through high school is true team building and trump the individualistic views many have that make them believe if they spend thousands of dollars on their kid then it guarenteed success. Too many places the game of baseball has gone away from team and more about me me me.
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Don Thorp Hebron Lakewood Head Coach since 1974 (45 years) close to 1,000 wins for the program. 3 state titles 93-94 2005.


Tom Held has been at Defiance since 1999 with an overall record of 525-95. 14 WBL titles (including the 7 in a row, all undefeated run from 2007-2013), 18 sectional, 12 district, 5 regional, and 3 state titles.

Before that, Greg Inselmann was there from 1981-98, going 303-85 with 10 WBL, 10 sectional, 5 district, 1 regional, and 1 state title.

All all in all, since 1981 (39 seasons), Defiance has had 2 coaches, and an overall mark of 828-180 while winning 24 league, 28 sectional, 17 district, 6 regional, and 4 state championships. And of course, 4 major league players with numerous draftees and minor leaguers.

Much like Coldwater, the key is a well funded and supported youth baseball program from Tee ball on up. No kid is turned away, they'll find a place for you, everyone plays, and the emphasis at the lower levels is on team building, fun, and development.


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Kyle Reiser has been at Elmwood since 1985. (Except for 3 years when Tom Held was there) Reiser's overall record at Elmwood is 549-240. They have won 14 Conference Championships, 16 Sectional Championships, were State runnerup in 2007.

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Chris Hannum for Taylor since 2000. He just announced his retirement this past season so he can travel and watch his son play college ball!


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Mark Thompson has been the Elder Baseball Coach since 1990. Also Moeller Coach Mike Cameron Coached at least 30 yrs, retired. Coach Cameron has now been back for a few years Coaching Frosh and JV at Moeller.
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