What's Your Favorite Restaurant Bread?


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I love bread. Specifically, the bread nearly every restaurant gives you pre-meal. Just got back from Carlo & Johnny and they have some phenomenal sourdough.

What are some places that you think have good bread?


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I used to like KFC's rolls, before they switched to biscuits - I guess that's been a few years since that happened - 30 years ago? I can't remember. Those rolls were basic, but delicious.

Damon's served some great bread before they closes up shop in Columbus.

Right now? Probably Texas Roadhouse's rolls. Sweet with a perfect texture.


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Everything about our experience there was fantastic.
We were actually disappointed. Family had reserved the upstairs room for a special event and the service was not Ruby-worthy. Food obviously was still great, but disappointed by the service in a small party setting.


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Go to almost any Amish style restaurant and get the homemade wheat. Plain and simple is the best. Now if you want the best Amish try Mrs Yoder's in Mt Hope, Ohio I have tried most all of them and no one else is not even close.