What TV Shows do you watch on the over-the-air networks (NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox)


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What TV Shows do you watch on the over-the-air networks?

Amazingly, I can't think of a single show that I watch on the over-the-air networks anymore. I watch alot of Netflix, some cable, and a few premium channel shows.

When I flip through network stations, only thing I usually see are the new fancy game shows like The Bachelor or Masked Singer. Doesn't seem to be much effort into putting quality TV on the networks anymore.


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Here are the top 40 shows. There are only two that I might actively watch this season if I happen to record them (Blacklist & Million Little Things)

Bolded are shows I've actually watched a full episode:

1. "NCIS" (CBS)
2. "FBI" (CBS)
3. "Blue Bloods" (CBS)
4. "Chicago Fire" (NBC)
5. "This Is Us" (NBC)
6. "Young Sheldon" (CBS)
7. "Chicago PD" (NBC)
8. "Chicago Med" (NBC)
9. "The Good Doctor" (ABC) - haven't watched it since first season.
10. "Bull" (CBS)
11. "9-1-1" (Fox)
12. "FBI: Most Wanted" (CBS)
13. "New Amsterdam" (NBC)
14. "Hawai'i Five-0" (CBS)
15. "NCIS: New Orleans" (CBS)
16. "Grey's Anatomy" (ABC)
17. "9-1-1: Lone Star" (Fox)
18. "Magnum P.I." (CBS)
19. "NCIS: Los Angeles" (CBS)
20. "Station 19" (ABC)
21. "Mom" (CBS)
22. "The Rookie" (ABC)
23. "SEAL Team" (CBS)
24. "Criminal Minds" (CBS)
25. "The Conners" (ABC)
26. "Manifest" (NBC) - started good but way too much boring filler.
27. "The Neighborhood" (CBS)
28. "Tommy" (CBS)
29. "All Rise" (CBS)
30. "God Friended Me" (CBS)
31. "Bob Hearts Abishola" (CBS)
32. "MacGyver" (CBS)
33. "Man with a Plan" (CBS)
34. "A Million Little Things" (ABC) - started good but too much boring filler.
35. "S.W.A.T." (CBS)
36. "Modern Family" (ABC) - haven't watched in a couple years. Probably will try to watch the last few years sometime to see how it ended.
37. "The Unicorn" (CBS)
38. "Broke" (CBS)
39. "The Blacklist" (NBC) - still like this show but it should have already ended.
40. "Madam Secretary" (CBS) - quit watching it a few years ago. Storylines got so ridiculous with her husband being in the middle of every major world event. I stopped watching after the dirty bomb episode.

I DVR'd The Blacklist and Million Little Things but didn't get a chance to watch them because they got deleted.
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I watched The Big Bang Theory for a few years. Prior to that, I can't remember the last network program I watched. Might have to go back into the nineties to come up with one. Watch only sporting events and local news on the "old four".

Watch none of the top forty listed above. Grey's Anatomy is still on? Kinda sorry I missed that one. Oh well, there's still time...


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Seal Team
Blue bloods
Fbi most wanted
The conners

Are the ones I've watched of those

And I do watch masked singer and big brother. My girlfriend loves reality shows and I don't mind those two.


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I don't even have cable, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu.... I do pay for Internet Service which allows me to access everything I like to watch.

Presently, I am using my phone to post on Yappi during commercial breaks of the Saints-Packers game, which is showing on my laptop.


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Currently-Young Sheldon when I remember it's on.

In the past-America's Got talent occasionally. Masked Singer once or twice.


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None currently. I use to watch Modern Family but haven’t for at least two years. In reality I don’t even know if it’s still aired.


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If I turn on the TV (very rare) and Young Sheldon is on, I'll watch it... I used to watch Modern Family sometimes. Same with the original NCIS. Haven't watched either in a very long time.


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I guess I'm a certified TV-holic.

This is Us (My favorite show since Person of Interest went off the air)
Grey's Anatomy
Station 19
All Rise
The Neighborhood
Chicago Fire
Chicago PD
Chicago Med
For Life
Carol's Second Act
All American (I think this is on (CW)
The Good Doctor
Transplant (new)
Filthy Rich (new)

Below stopped due to lost interest (some after several seasons)

Modern Family
Blue Bloods
God Friended Me


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I use the over the air primarily for live sports, watching NFL and golf. I rarely use it for an actual show. I used it in the past TV season to occasionally watch The Unicorn as I am a big Walton Goggins fan.

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Sports and local news. The few TV shows I am watching are on Hulu, Prime and Netflix like Brooklyn 99, Yellowstone (actually just finished) and Blacklist.


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It’s funny how things change and evolve. Wifey and I don’t watch any broadcast TV and don’t have cable. Almost exclusively Netflix and Amazon. I do watch sports on my iPad at times. Can’t say I don’t miss those 200+ cable bills


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Like the current run of shows and not those in syndicate?


Trying to think of the last show I made sure to watch on network TV..........its likely 15+ years since there was a show on network tv I made sure I watched.

Even on cable......, would have to say Sons of Anarchy.
Got hooked on Mandalorian on Disney plus last week, so starting end of OCt ill be watching that but nope, nothing new at all.