What title is suited for Biden?


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I cant wait to here him repeat his oath of office. What are the odds that they will have to do it one word at a time including the part where he repeats his name.
He'll have handlers pointing him in the right direction, escorting him every step of the way.

Just like his campaign.


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President Milk Shake. We would all be better off if he would have just retired long ago and spent his remaining years drinking black and white shakes at the Charcoal Pit on Concord Pike. Anyone that has ever been there will tell you how good the shakes are....and according to the wait staff a few years ago, Joe would frequent that establishment. Actually referenced the black and white on one of his few campaign trips when asked the difficult question of what flavor shake he got when they stopped at an ice cream stand somewhere that wasn't actually his basement. Just hope he can hang on for a full term as the alternative is not liked by either party and would be a disaster for this nation.


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He won the election.

Stop being turds like those dems who would not accept Trump as President.