What Movies Did You Watch in March 2020?


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As a horror movie junkie, I come across a lot of off beat Horror movies as well as the run in the mill straight to video. I will share my thoughts of the ones that I see this month. So, if you seen a movie new or old and want to share your thoughts go ahead, and if its horror, even better!!!!

I will edit in my horror views here with my rating scale on how I liked it.....

8 = Donnie Darko
7 = Excellent !!!!!
6 = Great
5 = pretty Good
4 = OK/Good
3 = not good
2 = Bad
1 = Unwatchable


#4046 Death Warmed Up (Australia-1984) ... 4.5/8

#4047 Limbo (Argentina-2014) ... aka "Children of the Night" ... 3.5/8

#4048 Taeter City (Italy-2012) ... 4.0/8

#4049 Invasion of the Bee Girls (US-1973) ... 5.0/8

#4050 Treehouse (UK-2014) ... 1.5/8

#4051 Microwave Massacre (US-1979) ... 2.5/8

#4052 Shocking Dark (Italy 1989) ... 2.5/8

#4053 Seoulyeok (South Korea-2016) ... 4.5/8

#4054 Der Todesking (West Germany-1990) ... 4.0/8

#4055 Il tuo vizio è una stanza chiusa e solo io ne ho la chiave (Italy-1972) ... aka Your Vice is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key ... 5.0/8

#4056 Canibal Farm (UK-2017) ... 1.5/8

#4057 Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks (Canada-1976) ... 5.0/8

#4058 El sádico de Notre-Dame (Belgium-1979) ... 3.5/8

#4059 Red Christmas (Australia-2016) ... 6.0/8

#4060 Lyle (US-2014) ... 4.0/8

#4061 Greta - Haus ohne Männer (Canada-1977) ... aka Ilsa The Wicked Warden ... 3.5/8

#4062 Society (US-1989) ... 2.5/8

#4063 Der Fluch der schwarzen Schwestern (Sweden-1973) ... aka Vampire Ecstasy ... 2.5/8

#4064 All Hell Breaks Loose (US-2014) ... 1.0/8

#4065 Vittra (Sweden-2012) ... aka Wither ... 5.0/8

#4066 Kei yau yeh (Hong Kong-2013) ... aka Tales From The Dark 2 ... 5.0/8

#4067 The Butcher (South Korea-2007) ... 2.0/8

#4068 Liu Jai Yim Taam (Hong Kong-1990) ... aka Erotic Ghost Story ... 6.0/8

#4069 A Touch Unseen (Hong Kong-2014) ... 3.0/8

#4070 Rubber's Lover (Japan-1996) ... 4.0/8

#4071 Qi Yuan (Hong Kong-1986) ... aka Witch From Nepal ... 3.0/8

#4072 Last Caress (France-2010) ... 5.0/8

#4073 Hell House LLC (US-2015) ... 5.0/8

#4074 Crawlers (US-2020) ... 4.0/8

#4075 The Body (US-2018) ... 4.5/8

#4076 Pyewacket (Canada-2017) ... 6.5/8

#4077 Pet Sematary (US-2019) ... 5.5/8

#4078 Flesh & Blood (US-2018) ... 6.0/8

#4079 The Prodigy (Canada-2019) ... 6.5/8

#4080 New Year, New You (US-2018) ... 4.0

#4081 El Hoyo (Spain-2019) ... aka The Platform ... 3.0/8
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I will be continuing my absorption into the more obscure horror movies in the first half of March and then focusing on Asian horror the 2nd half.....

Leap day is throwing me off.....


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Death Warmed Up (Australia-1984)

Horror: A mate and his friends head to an island to seek revenge on the doctor who hypnotized him as a child. This one was a wild ride.... 4.5/8


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Limbo (Argentina-2014)

Horror: Saw this one under the title "Children of the Night". A reporter is asked to do a story on an isolated commune that houses children with a rare deadly inflection that keeps them from coming out during the day. So, the kiddies play at night and they can get a bit creepy. Pretty good premise here but not the budget to do much with it and found it at times to be rather silly. Remake this one and make it scary and we have something..... 3.5/8


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Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (2019) 2/8 Sequel that probably shouldn't have been made. I thought the original wasn't bad, but this one wasn't good.

21 Bridges (2019) 3/8 Two guys break into a store to steal some kilos of coke that are being stored there. They end up in a shootout with the police and kill 8 officers. The detectives shut down Manhattan island to search for the suspects. This movie could have been better but I didn't feel like it was executed very well. I really liked the trailer and ended up disappointed with the movie.


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Taeter City (Italy-2012)

Horror: Italian Splatter Film.... let the blood flow.... What do we have here. So we have some sort of Totalitarian Government that uses a Zeed radio wave to control its residents. They are able to predict who will commit a crime and are able to control that individual to make him commit suicide and then using that carcass for a nice juicy Taeter Burger, as you see.... it has been outlawed to eat animal meat. Everything is great in Taeter City until one day a really bad seed mutates and is able to use the Zeed radio wave to cause law abiding citizens to either kill themselves or attack the man. It is up to this rad biker chic named Razor to bring him to justice and save the city!!!!!! Well, I guess I needed more than 1 sentence to describe this one.... this film is extreme but the gore is intentionally fake.... 4.0/8



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Invasion of the Bee Girls (1973)

Horror: Peckham California, Something is going on with the male residents.... they have sex with these beeeeeeeeautiful women and then drop dead. It's a Beeee movie alright!!! .... 5.0/8


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Treehouse (UK-2014)

Horror: This one was our weekly TUBI horror movie club pick.... I already knew this one was going to be bad going into it but it went beyond and not in a good way. Brothers go way out in the woods to set off some fireworks and discover a missing girl hiding in a tree house. Annoying characters with depleted plot and tons of stupidity to go along..... 1.5/8


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Microwave Massacre (1979)

Horror Comedy: They originally wanted Rodney Dangerfield for the lead but he cost too much.... Wife gets a new microwave and drives the hubby mad by what she makes.... he wants the simple life and one night after a drinking binge he discovers something else. This one had its moments but that was about it..... 2.5/8


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Ready or Not (2019) 5/8 I definitely want to watch this one again. A young wife is forced to play a game with her husband's family on the night of her wedding and craziness ensues. It was certainly entertaining, some horror, some laughs, some gore, and a little drama.

The Dark Tower (2017) 1/8 Absolute train wreck. I read the entire series of books about 10 or so years ago. Not sure why you would even attempt to cram 6 or 7 books and 1000's of page of a story into an hour and 30 minutes. Stephen King had to be embarrassed by this effort.


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The Dark Tower (2017) 1/8 Absolute train wreck. I read the entire series of books about 10 or so years ago. Not sure why you would even attempt to cram 6 or 7 books and 1000's of page of a story into an hour and 30 minutes. Stephen King had to be embarrassed by this effort.
I agree.... 25 years of reading these books just have this crap come out.


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Shocking Truth (Italy-1989)

Horror: In Italy this is known as Terminator 2.... lol, marketing tool..... OK, so we are in a futuristic Venice where it has become polluted and a team of researchers are trying to solve the problem when they become attacked by unknown creatures..... or something like that. Anyhow, not very good at all.... 2.5/8


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Seoulyeok (South Korea-2016)

Horror: Animated.... I know, I wasn't going to do the Asian films later in the month but I need a break from these artsy obscure films.... Seoulyeok also known as Seoul Station is the prequel to the great zombie flick "Train to Busan". This one takes place the day before and follows a group of people that end of together when the outbreak occurs. Not sure why they decided to animate this one but it is what it is.... other than the annoying voices of the characters the story is not that bad..... 4.5/8


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49th Parallel (1941) - A pre-Pearl Harbor propaganda film making the case for the US entering the war, focusing on the shared values of the American and Canadian people. A German U-boat is sunk in Hudson Bay leaving five survivors to try to escape South across the US border as the US was nominally neutral at that time.



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Il tuo vizio è una stanza chiusa e solo io ne ho la chiave (Italy-1972)

Giallo: Women are being murdered and it is the burned out author who is the main suspect... well, you know how that goes with Giallo's. This title is a mouth full "Your Vice is a Locked Room and Only I have the Key". This one is a bit slower than usual but it gets better near the end.... 5.0/8


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Der Todesking (West Germany-1990)

Horror: Arts film anthology about suicide. This one is pretty sick and definitely not for everyone. Once I suspected that the decaying corpse was real I had to turn away when it came on. 7 days of the week 7 stories that lead to death and carnage. This is from the same guy that did Nekromantic..... 4.0/8


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Canibal Farm (UK-2017)

Horror: An unlikable family camping on a farm end up in cages and learned they are going to be cooked for consumption. This was our Horror groups random Tubi horror movie of the week and I could right a paper on how bad this one was....... 1.5/8

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Just lately bored at night on Netflix, IMdB, Prime, etc.

Godless - I thought it was great, but I like westerns. Amazing last episode.

White Boy Rick - Meh, but it was a true story so that makes it more interesting. It took me almost halfway through the movie before I realized that was Matthew McConaughey, lighter with a fake accent.

The Irishman - Decent but nothing special in terms of mob movies. I loved period movies and seeing how well they get the props right. The hotel set in Ohio was excellent.

The Fighter - Pretty good. Bale was excellent. What a family lol. Those sisters.


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Harriet (2019) 5/8 Story of Harriet Tubman. Good story, about a truly brave woman who helped 1000's of runaway slaves, including her own family members escape bondage. Solid movie, I always like the historical ones, worth a watch.

Gemini Man (2019) 3/8 Will Smith is a special forces assassin, the best in the business. Several years earlier, they used his DNA to build a clone who is sent to kill him when he retires. They used the age reversing technology like in The Irishman, which I didn't like. Disappointing for a Will Smith movie.


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Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks (Canada-1976)

Horror: Women in cages...... Ilsa must train in any means necessary the new kidnapped recruits to become part of the Sheik's harem. You don't need to use your imagination in this one if you know what I mean but this is your typical "women in cages" exploitation film. This is not a direct sequel to the previous Ilsa film.... 5.0/8


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El sádico de Notre-Dame (Belgium-1979)

Horror: The Sadist of Notre-Dame is a Jesus Franco chop film where he just splices in new material to one his other movies "Exorcism" and throw in different dubbed dialogue to make it a different movie. This is typical of this guy who has made over 200 movies and I am almost positive all of them has nudity in them..... This is sort of a Jack the Ripper rip-off where sexually active women are being sliced to death.... it has its moments but then comes to a complete end ??? ... 3.5/8


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Red Christmas (Australia-2016)

Horror: Christmas day in Australia a family gets a surprise visitor by a man in a cloak that claims he knows about the families deepest darkest secret. Its a Christmas Horror so you know something is going to happen and boys does it.... Great find here!!! .... 6.0/8


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Richard Jewel: 6.5/8

I was 15 when the bombing happened so all of this was pretty much new to me. I knew there was a bombing, but as a teenager I never followed the aftermath. If even most of this is true (I know some of it has been disputed, such as the journalist offering sex for a scoop), it's sickening. It highlighted the very worst of both our government and our media. Casting was great throughout, though it was tough having to hate Jon Hamm and Olivia Wilde.

Sucker Punch: 4.5/8

I'd seen parts of this before, but never the full thing. It had very entertaining parts, mostly the imaginary parts, but the "real life" parts were just lacking a little something.

Snatch: 3/8

As someone who has become quite a fan of Guy Ritchie films, I've been struggling for at least 2 weeks to finish this. I think I still have 30 minutes or so left. It just didn't hit me like his newer stuff has.

Bombshell 6.5/8

Another great movie that kind of makes you sick that it was a true story and crap like this still happens in the world. Great acting overall, in particular by Charlize Theron who you often forget is even on screen. She slips completely into the character.

Midway: 6/8

Another loaded cast, good story. The biggest drawback I'd say is that there's so many people in it and so much going on, few of the stars really get to stand out and shine.

Black and Blue: 5.5/8

Not sure if this was based on a true story, but still another one of those "it's sad this crap still goes on" stories. Even if this story isn't true, there's hundreds just like it. Takes place in a post Katrina New Orleans in a district that is so bad the cops don't even respond anymore unless it's to a police shooting. A rookie cop witnesses other cops do some dirty stuff and then becomes the hunted as they try to silence her before she can get her bodycam footage back to the station as evidence.


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Lyle (2014)

Horror: A lesbian couple expecting their 2nd child moves to a new place that has a tragic past. Indie/Arts film that leaves you guessing in the end.... which is fine.... 4.0/8


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Der Fluch der schwarzen Schwestern (Sweden-1977)

Horror: More lesbians.... "Vampire Ecstasy" is basically a soft horror porn about Lesbian Vampires who make their victims horny before they seduce them. Not going to believe I am saying this but even I actually got tired of watching these women who had a hard time keeping their clothes on. Pretty boring flick but a memorable bat scene! ... 2.5/8