What books are you reading in 2020?


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66. David Rosenfelt---Airtight
67. Sarah Shankman---First Kill all the Lawyers
68. Brad Thor---Path of the Assassin ( If you like Vince Flynn, you'll like Brad Thor)
69. Lawrence Block---Burglars can't be Choosers
70. Jeffrey Deaver--Manhattan is my Beat


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71. Jack Higgins---Without Mercy
72. John Lutz---Slaughter
73. Alex Kava---Reckless Creed
74. James Grippando---Found Money
75. Janet Evanovich---Curious Minds


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76. Stephen Hunter---G-Man
77. John LeCarre---Call for the Dead
78. James Grippando---A King's Ransom
79. Janet Evanovich---Dangerous Minds
80. Stephen Hunter---Point of Impact (book 1 of a 10 book series that I really enjoyed. I just had to read book 1 again since it had been a while.)


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"Time Is Tight", autobiography of Booker T. Jones.

The guy lived an interesting life. Becoming a studio musician and playing in clubs each night at the age of 14, while still holding down a paper route and keeping his grades up in school? Highly recommended tome.


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1. "Toughness" by Jay Bilas (twice)
2. "LEAD... for God's Sake" by Todd G. Gongwer (just finished it tonight)
3. "Above the Line" by Urban Meyer

Just finished my third book in the last month and a half (huge for me). Above the Line was more for coaches than the other two. A pretty cool behind the scenes look at the 2014 national championship season and how they built culture internally.


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81. Alex Kava---One False Move
82. Janet Evanovich---The Heist (book 1 of a very good series)
83. James Grippando---Last to Die (what happens when a lady names 6 beneficiaries to her $46M estate, but only the last person living will collect it all.)
84. Michael Harvey---The Innocence Game
85. Scott McEwen---Ghost Sniper


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86. James Grippando---Hear no Evil
87. Ward Larson---Assassin's Game
88. James Grippando---Got the Look
89. Greg Isles---Turning Angel
90. Steve Cavanaugh---The Defense
Also Cleaning the Gold, a short story by Karin Slaughter and Lee Child