What books are you reading in 2019


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The new Reacher book came out 2 days ago. I'm on the wait list at the library for it. I also go back and re-read some of the older ones. Diane Capri has a series of books where a couple FBI agents are on the hunt for Reacher. Not anywhere as good as a Lee Child book, but interesting.
Ah, thanks. I'll get on the wait list here as well.

Interesting info. I've been reading "The Jack Reacher Field Guide: An Unofficial Guide to Lee Child and the Reacher Novels" by George Beahm, and it mentions several different authors who involve Reacher in the plots somehow even though he never makes an actual appearance in their books.


In Diane Capri's books the FBI agents go the towns where Reacher has left his mark. Her 1st book, Don't Know Jack, is based in Ga. as Childs' 1st book, The Killing Floor, was located. Each of her books follow that line and the agents talk to people who have come in contact with Reacher. Well, the ones still alive.


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1-Meg Gardiner-Unsub
2-Jory Sherman-Shadow Rider - Blood Sky at Morning
3- Alex Kava-A Necessary Evil
4- Heather Graham-When Irish Eyes Are Haunting
5-Jory Sherman- Shadow Rider- Ghost Warrior
6-Lisa Gardner- Catch Me
7-Alex Kava- Exposed
8-Meg Gardiner-Into the Black Nowhere
9-Ralph Compton- The Shawnee Trail
10-Chet Cunningham-Wade's War
11-Charles G. West-Wrath Of The Savage
12-Jess Cody- Gold Wagon
13-Charles G. West- Crow Creek Crossing
14-William W. Johnstone- The Last Mountain Man
15-Jack Higgins- Death Trade
16-Michael Robotham- Life Or Death
17-William W. Johnstone- Return Of The Mountain Man
18-Chet Cunningham- Gold Train
19-Charles West- Stone Hand
20-Heather Graham- The Silenced
21-William W. Johnstone- Trail of the Mountain Man
22-Meg Gardiner- Mission Canyon
23-William W. Johnstone- Revenge Of The Mountain Man
24-Jeanne Sommers- Comanche Revenge
25-Tim Bryant-Dead And Buried
26-William W. Johnstone- Journey Of The Mountain Man
27-Lisa Gardner- Fear Nothing
28-Lisa Gardner- Love You More
29-William W. Johnstone- Law Of The Mountain Man
30-Lisa Gardner- Three Truths And A Lie
31-Lisa Gardner- The Seventh Month
32-Lisa Gardner- Touch And Go
33-William W. Johnstone- War Of The Mountain Man
34-Lisa Gardner- Crash And Burn
35-Lisa Gardner- Never Tell
36- Ralph Compton- The Virginia City Trail
37-Robert Ellis-City of Echoes (Detective Matt Jones #1)
38-Lisa Gardner-The Guy Who Died Twice
39-Peter Bowen-Coyote Wind
40-William W. Johnstone- Code Of The Mountain Man
41-William W. Johnstone- Pursuit of the Mountain Man
42- Alison Gaylin- If I Die Tonight
43- Ralph Compton- The Dodge City Trail
44-Heather Graham- The Forgotten
45-William W. Johnstone- Courage Of The Mountain Man
46-William W. Johnstone-Sixkiller U.S.Marshal- The Hour Of Death
57-Ralph Cotton- While Angeles Dance
58-Ralph Compton- The Oregon Trail
59-William W. Johnstone-Sixkiller U.S.Marshal


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There are three authors that I am currently working my way through;
Jack Schaefer: westerns. Shane and Monte Walsh have both been made into movies. I read Shane a long time ago and Monte Walsh a couple of times. I'm starting on his other stuff.

J.P.S. Brown, westerns. His best stuff is mid-20th Century. His work is set in southern Arizona, where I have vacationed many times and he lives, and northern Mexico. I've read most of his stuff.

Ernest Hemingway. I'm currently on my 12th book in the last year.


The Sixth Man--David Baldaccci
King and Maxwell--David Baldacci
TenTwo Jack--Diane Capri
Retribution--Anderson Harp