West Holmes Dumps Tallmadge


You had to see it to believe it, but West Holmes played about as perfect of a match as is possible. Five unforced errors (two missed serves), but you hardly even noticed those. This team really should win a state championship. They have some tough competition ahead of them, but flawless play is hard to beat. Tallmadge could have played better, but I don't think they could have beat them either way.

Congrats to West Holmes and good luck in Dayton! I hope you guys take that size of a crowd with you too. That was impressive.
Its nice to see someone in favor of the Knights.Thanks MCGal
I hope the girls play the same way against Bacon in Dayton.Would be nice to play in the finals! I think the crowd will follow with the trademark bandanas on and make as much noise as possible while we're there.