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Ok, want to see if I am right, or if an opposing coach was right.

If a kid made a weight class, say 160, for the first time last week and made scratch since it was the first time at that weight class.

If said kid this week weighed in at say 170 (2 lb below the 170 wc limit right now) for a dual. However, in the dual the coach bumps said wrestler up to 182 for a better matchup.

The kid actually weighed under the 170 weight class limit, but was just bumped up the 1 weight class to 182. Does the kid lost his 160 lb weight certification that he just made last week?

I was under the impression that once you made 160, you could not weigh more than the current 170 lb class (for now that is 172), but you could weigh under 172 and still bump to 182 without losing your certification.

Now, if you actually weighed inside the 182 weight class range (172.1-184.0) then you would lose the right to wrestle down at 160 again...

Am I right? or is the other coach right?


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You are correct Jmog. The kid made scratch at 160, he cannot weigh more than 172 or he forfeits the 160 weight.
If he weighs in at 172.1 then 160 is surrendered. Now he can weigh in at 172 or under, be considered 170 lber and bump up one weight class to 182. Not sure what the other coach told you but he is wrong if it’s different than that. I asked the same question earlier this season and it was covered in the rules interpetation video.

On any given date a wrestler may not weigh in more than one weight class above his/her lowest allowable weight as defined by their Alpha Master report timeline. Any wrestler who does weigh-in more than one weight class above their lowest allowable weight then vacates that lowest weight and a new lowest weight will be established. Growth allowance may not be utilized to achieve a lower weight class for a wrestler. For simplicity, all examples are listed without growth allowance.
  1. A wrestler has reached his/her lowest minimum weight of 106. On the day of competition, he/she weighs in and wrestles at 120.5, This is more than one weight class above the lowest minimum weight of 106, therefore 106 is surrendered and 113 becomes the new minimum weight for that wrestler.
  2. a. A wrestler with a lowest minimum weight of 126 is descending toward their lowest minimum weight, but has yet to reach the lowest minimum weight, and weighs in for competition. In compliance with his/her timeline the wrestler weighs in at 130 (making him/her eligible at 132 and 138) and wrestles at 138. The wrestler still retains the opportunity to continue to descend toward the lowest minimum weight of 126 as he/she did not weigh in more than one weight class above his/her lowest actual weight.
b. Two weeks later, the same wrestler in example a, who has now reached his/her lowest minimum weight of 126, weighs in at 135 and wrestles at 145. That wrestler has now surrendered his/her lowest minimum weight of 126 and 132 becomes the wrestler’s new minimum weight.
  1. A 125.3 pound lowest minimum weight wrestler weighs in at 125.6 pounds, legally wrestling several times at 132 and 136 pounds. Later during the season his/her actual weigh-in weight is recorded at 138.1 pounds making him/her eligible for the 138 and 145 pound weight classes. This requires that he/she surrenders the 126 pound weight class, establishing the new minimum weight class of 132.
A wrestler is NOT eligible for a lower weight class because of allowances for successive days of wrestling, which then brings a weight class up to their 7% minimum weight.

I would say no he does not lose his 160 based on this OHSAA info, not sure if the 2 lb weight allowance is allowed for this 170 vs 172
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