Week 5. (2-2) Spr. Cath. Central @ (4-0) West Jeff


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Already week 5!
West Jeff comes of another big win matching their win total from last year at 4 scoring 61 points at Cedarville.
Catholic Central comes off a big loss to WLS in week 4 and comes to Kile field winning the last 2 contests against wj back in coach B's early years at wj.
2003- 28-6
2004- 21-7
So wj will be looking to get some payback in this game!

WJ is coming in avg. 48.5 points per games while giving up just 10.3.
Though the varsity hasn't played a full game this year it has gave way for the underclassman to get a lot of valuable experience on Friday nights.

SCC has played a tougher schedule playing Graham and WLS, what will be hurting them Friday night will be the hottest night yet for high school football, they have just 24 players.

More stats later!


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WJ needs to come out strong again this week and flex some muscle.

A good sign to me is a team coming out each and every week with a killer instinct no matter who they are playing and putting forth maximum effort with no let downs.

The teams they should beat on paper, they beat convincingly both on the scoreboard and physically on the field. The close or underdog games, they fight the entire game and find ways to win, but never allow doubt to enter their minds and never let losing become an acceptable option.

Go riders!!!!!


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I thought WJ came out a bit flat for the first time this year. Allowing SCC to drive down the field but ended up getting a pic in the end zone to keep SCC off the board.
Defense also gave up a fair amount of yards (first teamers NOT backups).
Did like the explosive offense and some big hits on defense after SCC got a bit tired.
Solid win but not as dominating as I had hoped.
The competition gets tougher as we move into the 2nd half of the season. Plenty of work to do and must keep getting better.