Week 2. (0-0) West Jefferson @ (1-0) Adena


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WJ will head to Adena Friday night after a 34-6 win over the Columbus Crusaders.
Adena opened up the season in fashion, with a 27-0 win over McClain.
Last season, the riders beat Adena at Kile field, 36-0.
The last time wj played at Adena was 2010 in week 1 of the playoffs where wj won big.

WJ has to take care of the football after losing the ball 4 times Friday night.
2 fumbles, a thrown pick 6 and turn over on downs.
I blame the TOD on the coaches, you have to start getting points when your in the redzone even if they are just 3 points.
Remember 2008 in the playoffs at WLS, just kick a FG once in awhile.
Just because you know your O-line is better and you should be able to get the 1st down doesn't mean you will get it.
Just kick the FG! I don't think that it is as much of a let down( a missed FG) as is missing a 4th down.

The new wj team is getting better each time we see them play.
The opponents that wj had scrimmaged this season all did well and winning this weekend.

London- 49
Urbana- 19

Bloom Carroll- 35
Highland- 34 OT

Zane Trace- 33
Logan Elm- 0

The Columbus Crusaders team will have a lot of success this season.
Like usual, they had a lot of good athletes at the skilled positions and on their team.
Especially at QB, DE & DB.

WJ Friday night played well, but will play better each week.
The defense will be the typical hard-nosed wj defense of the past.
The defense Friday night played good led by Cole Howard with 9 tackles.
The D-line set the tone for the night but wj had plenty of big hitters on the field and held a defensive shutout all night.
I did see a couple of soph's playing on defense to!

On offense, the o-line needs and will get better!
Doran, Howard, Braithwaite, Chriszt & Wilson and I know that there were some rotation players as well I thought some soph's as well.

He is the article from Fridays game off of www.westjeffersonathletics.com

The Roughriders beat Columbus Crusaders 35-6. Lance Lambert threw for 212 and 2 Touchdowns. Wyatt Dillion was the leading rusher with 63 yards and 1 Touchdown. Caleb Vanhook and Ethan Higgins both caught 4 passes on the night. Cole Howard led the defense with 9 tackles while D-Ends Luis Carmona and Jordan South both had 1 sack each. Jon Stevenson was 5 for 5 on extra points.


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Looks like they are calling for rain on Friday night now from Harvey!

If Adena's field is still like it was in 2011, the field will be a mess and that might keep the game interesting.
The muddier the field and that will slow down the high powered offense of wj and might help keep the game close if wj has to run the ball all night.

I know that Adena was really young last year but with the way that wj is playing they are going to be tough to beat this year.

Adena held McClain to 106 total yards of offense last Friday night.

WJ was last out at Adena in 2011 and beat the Warriors 40-13.


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WJ absolutely dominated last trip to Adena, but that don't count much for this year!!!

I don't think WJ is playing all that well yet, but they do have some great potential. Need some confidence after last 2 years. Playing hard and keeping up the intensity will make good things happen.

Want to see some more discipline play with not as many mistakes and would like to see the run game be more consistent. The defense was pretty stout last week and I expect nothing less this week.

Looking forward to another great night of HS football!!!


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It's early, but don't expect much.

Switching to a new league, one that looks like WJ can dominate on paper. Exceptions being Burg and WLS.

When competition gets tough WJ seems to run.

The MSL Ohio was great. A nice rivalry was brewing with Bexley and Grandview. The larger schools meant playoff points.

There was history there with Academy.

It made sense.

Anyway, on to Adena,hopefully we can establish a run game that will really open up the passing. Lambert can be really good when given time. He's not a runner and shouldn't be, unless he has to of course.

The turnovers are horrible, if CC had half way decent coaches, the game would have swung in their favor.

WJ is great at flying to the ball, but seems to have trouble with wrapping up when it's one on one. If they get a group there, it's fine.

Go, WJ ! ! ! ! !


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First and foremost, WJ has never run from anyone. Despite their recent struggles the past 2 years, the long storied history of WJ football has proven itself to take on any and all teams. The success of Coach B does not need to explain itself, with countless quality wins against bigger schools and a solid playoff record beating top quality teams. Yes we have had our difficulties with the MAC teams, but so have many, many other teams.

The last couple of years has been difficult and I will agree with you on the severe decline in intensity on the field, but at a small school it does happen as it is hard to look across the state and see teams who have not struggled at some point. I have confidence Coach B can get them back to the success WJ is used to.

As far as the current schedule and prior MSL-Cardinal schedule, they are weaker schedules but still provide some challenging games that will require WJ to play well to win. You simply cannot pick the ideal schedule as a small public school.

The last trip WJ made to Adena, was as a lower seeded playoff team, WJ opened up a can and really took it to Adena. Let's hope we can put things together this week and come away with the same results. One game at a time and get better every week.


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45-0 Final WJ!
Even in the rain the wj offense did ok tonight.
The defense had another shutout!

This league will be tougher to make the playoffs with a loss that is why wj will have to bulk up the non-league schedule.
Next year that starts in week 2 with Ready and I believe week 1 will be a good game as well.


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Off this post a little, but I wanted to congratulate wj native and long time Clinton Massie coach McSurley on beating Coldwater tonight, 24-14.
Sounded like a great game down in Clinton county tonight and looks like Massie may have another deep run in the post season this year.


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The wj defense tonight came up with 5 Turnovers, 1 pick 6, a safety and forced two 4th down stops.

The offense had multiple people score TD's and Lambert threw 2 td's and ran for another.

The game started with a 23 yard FG.

The JV's got more playing time again tonight!


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Nice job WJ on another win.

Nice to see this program winning games.

I am guessing with Greenon(0-1) up next another win is in store for you guys.

Why was Greenon and Pleasant cancelled in week one?



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Good road win, as they came out swinging from the opening quarter.

Nice balance on offense and good to see Lambert get the ball downfield for some long big TD passes. Lambert also did well in the running game, especially when they started to fly to #25 to stop the outside. Lots of younger kids got valuable of action and looked really hungry which is always a good sign.

Defense kept Adena pretty bottled up all night and it always nice to see 7-8 yellow helmets around the ball!!! We also had really good pressure on the QB most of the night, when they tried to throw the ball.

We did what we needed to do and added confidence which will help during the 2nd half of the season.

Still need to work on short running game, tackling and kickoff's. Overall very solid effort and win for the Riders.