Week 1: Auburn 35 New Berlin 6 (Illinois)


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(New Berlin/Franklin/Waverly)
They seem to be a co-op but during the game, they are only referred to as New Berlin. Also their nickname is Pretzels)

Colin DuBois plows in from four yards out to put Auburn up 6-0.
Spencer Rikas PAT makes it 7-0. 5:55 first.

Colin DuBois breaks off a nice 66 yard touchdown run.

Spencer Rikas PAT makes 14-0. 11:25 3rd.
Colin DuBois goes left and out runs the defense to the end zone for a 13 yard score.
Spencer Rikas PAT makes
21-0. 7:25 3rd.

Cole Donaldson with a nice 16 yard run to make this a 27-0 game.
Spencer Rikas PAT makes 28-0. 11:52 4th
Cole Donaldson scores from a yard out to make this a 34-0 game
Spencer Rikas PAT makes 35-0 with 8:32 left 4th.
Luke Longhta makes a leaping 21 yard catch for the Pretzels touchdown. 35-6. Joey Meiseman made the high throw.
Greg Zellers missed the PAT. 35-6 2:13 4TH.

Charlie Patterson for Auburn had a giant game on defense.