Wayne Invitational


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well, day one done, got on finishtiming for live results, pretty impressive all around, great field, great running, i was there, meet ran as smooth as i've ever seen it, what a great atmosphere for a meet, weather was ok, windy at times, but no rain!!!

I wish the throws were on the campus, but with the new schools, i understand (btw, did the new schools are HUGE)

I want to ask, how do you rank the Wayne Invitational? is it one of the best meets (not counting conference/dist/reg/state) in the southwest part of state, or even state wide?

I read 41 schools..... and yet, they were running 4x800 (second heat) by 8;45, kudos to meet management,

Curious to hear others who were there.... and thier thoughts,

can't wait for tomrorow


Fern is getting the running of the meet down and the Finishtiming group always adds to the quality of a meet. This is one of the best, if not the best, regular season meets in Ohio.


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Ilovetrack there is all ready a thread on this meet. However i will agree with you that this is One of the Best Meets in Ohio. 41 schools is a little missleading since there are some schools only there with a couple kids, but none the less what a day today is going to be