Water Polo Ohio Cup Officiating

My son has been playing water polo for the last three years and I have never seen such bad and one sided officiating as we did this weekend. How can one official do all three of our games in one day? Our last game on Saturday was the most violent game I have ever seen. One kid going to the hospital with a facial injury, another kid having to sit the rest of the game after being kicked in the eye, and a player being rolled for no reason. Something needs to be done, so this does not happen again.


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Sorry ToledoWahoo! That really stinks that your son was injured and that things went too far. I really stopped trying to analyze officiating gone awry and tried to focus more on when things went our team's way instead. Our son has visited urgent care with a bleeding eyeball from an overly rough game and in the same season was accused of maliciously assaulting a player with a lawsuit on the horizon, when our home video clearly displayed no foul (thank God for video). I hope that this day was just bad karma and that you have better games ahead. Yes, officials get tired and miss the fouls, but hopefully this is not a pattern and just a one-time issue. Keep the faith (and look forward to swim season!).
just found out referee was former coach of team we were playing. Wouldn't you think he would excuse himself from officiating the game.