Virtual Races


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He feels the advantages of virtual races include: (There are no advantages...It's stupid)

- Makes the runner feel like they are a part of something and offers something to train for.

- Can save on expenses since we can order the exact number of shirts since only have pre registration.

- Save on expenses with awards also since I do not feel comfortable offering awards when contestants are not running head to head.

Probably the down side of the virtual events includes:

- Not really competing when you are emailing in performances (Sort of the definition of a race)

- It would be very easy to cheat on times, but I would hope people would realize there is no benefit to that especially when there are no awards

- The entire social aspect of a road race is a big reason why people participate and of course that is gone with a virtual event

HOW STUPID IS A VIRTUAL RACE? There is your headline.


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You're not wrong, but at least some charities can still use races to raise money, and it can keep less competitive runners, the bulk of the field, motivated to train.