Transfer rule


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Will OHSAA ease up on transfer rules this year if we have A wrestling season. I know OHSAA has told some AD’s / high school to figure out sports for there schools.
I know some schools still can’t figure out how many days a week to go to school or how to do school safely let alone if and how they are going to do sports.

But will OHSAA allow a kid who started at one school to turn around and transfer to another School if he finds out before season starts there will be no winter sports at his school but another will be having a season at there school.
I would imagine that it would be similar to what the rule has been in the past...
If your school does not offer a sport, you are free to participate with another school’s team.
Now, if your school decides to go to “club” status, I believe you have to get clearance from both schools and the OHSAA.