Tourney Machine Costs?


Go Buckeyes
For those that have run tournaments, what are the costs for running a tournament on Tourney Machine?

Is there a tiered cost per team? We probably will have around 50 teams.
Is there a cost to registering teams through the app?
Do we provide our own payment system (ie PayPal)?
If they use their own payment system, what are the costs?

Any other potential costs?


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So it’s typically $6 per team, which is pretty reasonable given all its capabilities.

We don’t use the registering system, but it’s included. I am not sure of the costs for payment system, but you do need to be non-profit to use the system I believe.


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I’m almost positive you can, but can’t say with absolute certainty. Their support team is really good and prompt with responses.

They’re definitely a worthwhile investment.


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Do not know any costs.but by far the best I have seen used..some tournaments this past their websites sucked the big one. Something one would expect the first year the interwebs started.

Gotta maximize those profits's all about the Benjamin's baby.


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Yes its based on per team and not that expensive for what you get. Its the best. I have ran many tournaments using it and makes everything very simple. I also like when tournaments use it for everything especially comminication. This year Sports Force Park switched from using it to the Exporsure app and i hate it.