Tourney in Colombus Today

F-I-F Fif!

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I have word that there was a club tourney in Colombus today. Just wondering who won and what teams/players played exceptionally well?
Cincinnati Attack 18-1 beat Vanguard North in a good match. Van won game 2. A lot of teams and solid competition for an early scrimmage. 4 pools of
18's and then 2 other polls of younger kids. There were several good players there, but just don't know the names.
I know in the semifinals, Vanguard beat Attack 17-1 and in the other, Attack 18-1 dropped the first game to Attack 18-2 before coming back and winning the next two. The next best team was probably a team from Canada (I don't know their name) but they had the Attack 18-1 team on the ropes, before losing by 2 in one of the games.
the canadian team had some good players along with had some reallygood outsides that could jump unreal and the canadian team had a really good middle...from cinci attack Dany Brandel (Moe) of course, the kids basically unreal, James Emig (Moe) can jump unreal and hits the ball hard, Andy Mckenna (Moe) plaed against the canadian teams and if he plays like that all the time hes going to be insane, Ryan Doll (X) played really good throughout the whole day

any others?