tOSU Lineup Revisited


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There's a dark cloud hanging over every roster discussion named Olympic Redshirts. I can make a dang good roster of guys that could Olympic redshirt next year:

125- Spencer Lee
133- Daton Fix
141- Yianni D
149- Matt Kolodzik
157- Ryan Deakin
165- Mekhi Lewis
174- Mark Hall
184- Zahid Valencia
197- Kollin Moore
285- Gable Steveson

If Mark Hall Olympic redshirts, Penn St is a little more vulnerable. Same with Spencer Lee and Iowa, same with Daton and Okie St. If I'm Pletcher I think about it- Micic/Suriano will be gone. Kollin Moore can probably win an NCAA title next year, so that's a tougher decision. Kerkvliet already said he wanted to redshirt, might be a though to punt the year.
Got a rather inside confirmation that Yanni will be Olympic Redshirting this year.


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Heard a podcast today (The Open Mat) from Coach Ryan. Says "right now" Captain Kerk and Karch are RSing. 125 and 197 are set with Heinselman and Moore. Hayes may go 141. Rocky and Hoffman will battle at 184 & Romero and Smith at 174. Pletcher may RS, or wrestle at either 133 or 141. Decatur may RS or go 133. So, basically, it's Moore and Heinselman set in stone and who knows about the other 8 weights.