Top Club teams for Nationals


Will any Ohio teams have a shot at finishing in the top half of the Open division? Vanguards 18’s....? Maybe stay Gold the first two days? What about Attack and or CVA ?
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18 Open Results According to AES

Vanguard 18-1s Finished 19th
went 6-4 with 15 sets won and 9 sets lost. Made Bronze wining their first match and losing in the final 4 of the Bronze division. Their Best win was over #3 Pac 6 in 2 in their first match of Nationals.

Cincinnati Attack finished 35th
Went 2-7 with 5 sets won and 15 sets lost.
Lost in Flight 2 first round.

18 USA Division According to AES

CVA Purple finished 14th
Went 7-4 with 16 sets won and 14 sets lost.
Made it to the Bronze Final losing in 3 to HVA.
Noticed that Vanguards starting middle didn’t
play in their last match against HPSTL.
Not sure why. He didn’t look hurt.
Would have made a huge difference.
Still a nice tournament for them.
I watched the PAC 6 match. Team played very well.
Vanguard 16 Gold USAV Champs in Dallas

Vanguard 16s won the 2019 USAV Club division. Congratulations to coach Evan Bell and the guys on the team.
I think most players would say winning club. Strictly because winning championships is fun.

If you are talking about which is a better accomplishment, finishing top half of open. Going toe to toe with players that will be future college stars and being able to hold your own. You won't see that in the club division.