Top Area Track Teams in Northwestern Ohio?

RW&B 71

I'm trying to "get up to speed" on the better track & field teams in Northwestern Ohio this season. Any yappi posters from this part of Ohio that might be familar with this subject???

RW&B 71

Brunswick Location?

I've never heard of Brunswick? Where is this school located at? I've never heard of Wadsworth either. Are we talking North Central Ohio?
medina county, wadsworth is 15 min. east of akron. we're in northeast region. Brunswick is 20 min. east of wadsworth. they are in northwest region. I think they are one of the easternmost teams in the northwest regional


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MacDaddyTheSequel - I think you meant to say west of Akron. Both would be considered Northeast Ohio but get moved into the Northwest regions in some sports because of too many teams in the NE region.