The Yappi Civil War


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The dawn of a new utopia is upon us. This supposed melting pot has finally boiled over. Hate has flooded the board. Tensions are at an all time high. Rage reigns where peace once stood. It's time to destroy. Destroy these filthy GCL'ers and GMC'ers. It's time to murder these mouthy Massilonians that pitch woo to your woman as you saunter the strip mall.
It's time to cut a Tarblooder (what the %&^% is a Tarblooder anyway?) ear to ear for stiffing you for change. It's a glorious time to riddle Region 3 with razor talon bullets.

You are alloted the following:

1. Choose your region in which you will bunker your camp. (

2. Choose five members of your own region to help you turn the tide

3. Choose two traitors to inflitrate filthy rival regions

4. Choose two weapons out of the following

sawed off shotgun
grenade launcher
desert eagle
semi automatic pistol
colt 45
.357 magnum
molotov cocktails
broken bottle
hunting knife
straight razor
F-15 fighter jet

5. Name one key figure of your secretly most hated rival region. Then you will send one of your paid traitors to assasinate them.

6. List a city that belongs to a rival region that you will invade with your secret hate network. Mention landmarks you plan to deface with hate graffiti.

8. Name one of the people of your region in your death squad that will sacrifice his life in an unparallel act of hate against a rival region. An act so horrific it'll rival September 11th.

9. Name members of rival regions on Yappi you will kidnap and behead on national television.
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