The Walking Dead is Back!


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I thought the most recent episode was one of the best in quite some time. The murder of the mom and kid was shocking in its subtlety in a way seldom seen on the show. Negan's evolution is believable.


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It's been a strong season so far helped along by the expanded role of Negan in the story.

The murder of the mother & son was shocking to me. I figured that they were going to have the "new" Negan roaming around the countryside finding & saving people and bringing them to one of the communities. In this way he redeems himself. Obviously that ain't happening now.

My only complaint is that REAL people would have been plotting the destruction of the Whisperers right from the start. Instead of arguing whether they should or shouldn't attack it should be a given that they will attack and the discussions should be centered around the best way to bring about the Whisperers destruction.