The runner on 2nd is yelling out pitch locations...what do you do?


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The runner(s) on 2nd is yelling out pitch locations...what do you do?

The obvious answer is for the catcher to delay showing the location. Do you do anything else as a player or coach? I know the old school answer to this question but I'm curious how things would be handled today.


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First off, this is bush league.
Coaches should tell their player to knock it off.
1a. Come up with your best pickoff play......

Secondly, set up in a different location, or give location in the signs, or set up down the middle each pitch.


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At least have a non-verbal signal, sheesh, to be so obvious about it is definitely “bush league”. Give a hand signal or something to the batter but just yelling it out is bad.

As an umpire, there is SOME option here...if the runner is yelling as the pitcher is starting their pitch or about to deliver it, this is no different than a bench player yelling at time of pitch.

tell the coach and players that is their team warning for distracting the pitcher and next offense is an ejection.

that should shut him up.

And if he’s doing it before the pitch, then the catcher needs to delay their positioning so that the yelling occurs during pitch so you can get that warning and ejection


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Let's just say that back in my day, 50s, the batter might get a high hard one.
I'd agree years ago this was the result though of course today it's less likely. This happened to me two weeks ago actually. I heard it once, ignored it, then heard it again. The pitch was foul so as my partner grabbed a new ball, etc., I turned and walked to him and said basically, "listen, I know what you're doing, and while it's more a cultural no-no than anything, let's be a leader out here and knock it off. We don't need a travesty made of this game." He mildly objected and I told him, "Look, you do what you feel you have to do, and as the game continues I'll do what I have to do." He then stopped because he got what that meant.

Both coaches approached me later between innings, one was his coach telling me he took care of it too, and the other thanking me for handling it discreetly. They were both appreciative. Sometimes quieter chats pay dividends.

Not every situation will go like that of course. Like CoachHoversten said, if it happens during the delivery, we are handling it like he described.