The Knicks Are Listed Among The Favorites To Land Both LeBron James And Kyrie Irving


Go Buckeyes
There are so many rumors circling around the Knicks right now, it's enough to make super-fan Michael Rappaport blush.

With all the turmoil and dysfunction currently surrounding the Lakers, the LeBron James trade rumors have started to swirl. Bovada just released a prop bet on where The King will play next season and while the favorites are still the Lakers, it's interesting to note the Knicks and Clippers are only +700 and the Cavaliers and Heat are not far off. To be clear, James signed a 4-year, $153-million contract with the Lakers, who would have to agree to trade him.
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Dolan and LeBron kind of deserve each other.

Jeannie Buss appears to be taking orders from Rambis now. She maybe be another idiotic hobbyist owner.


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No way LeBron is leaving the LA area as he pursues his career in the entertaiment industry. If you said a trade to the Clippers, I might buy it.


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If the lottery lands Zion Williamson in the lap of the Knicks, the WORST thing the Knicks could do is sign Kyrie or trade for LeBron. Neither one has shown the patience to tolerate the growing pains a young talent suffers through. Brooklyn makes more sense for Irving, while James is watching the Lakers implode. Wonder how he'll feel watching Kawhi Leonard play in the Staple Center wearing a Clippers uniform?