Texas State Finals


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So far this year, the first game of the weekend was postponed due to Covid.

1AD1 Sterling City 68, May 22 (ended early 3rd due to 6-man's 45 point rule)
2AD2 Windthorst 29, Mart 28

Windthorst won their first title over three time defending champion Mart. Went for 2 on the last td to take the lead.

2AD1 Shiner 42, Post 20
3AD2 Canadian 35, Franklin 34
3AD1 Jim Ned 29, Hallettsville 28 (OT)

Shiner wins with the Brooks Brothers. Shiner St. Paul won the private title last week.

Canadian led 28-21, gave up a td to tie it, then Franklin scored but missed the kick. Canadian scores almost immediately and makes the kick to win.

Hallettsville up. 21-0 late 2nd, gives up 3 straight tds. Goes to ot. Hallettsville finally scores again. Gets the pat. Jim Ned with a td and goes for the two points on a fade and gets it. Wins their first state title ever.

Unreal set of games so far.

Carthage v. Gilmer tomorrow afternoon. And Argyle v. Lindale tomorrow night.

The 5A and 6A titles will be in January.